Bead Suppliers for Jewelry Making

Crafting with beads has become very popular. With a supply of beads a handcrafter can easily turn a pile of beads into a beatiful bracelet or necklace. Bead suppliers for jewelry making produce a wide range of beads for the handcrafter. The cheaper, lower end beads will be plastic in a variety of colors, and they will look cheap and plasticy. Higher end beads will be glass and crystal, as well as metal and gemstones.

Most craft stores will sell bead supplies. Some discount and department stores may also carry a limited supply of beads and beading supplies. To get an even wider range of beads to choose from, you can take the search online. When ordering from bead suppliers online it may be a good idea to request some samples and if they don’t do sample just place a small order until you can view the beads up close.

Amazon has quite a selection of beads and you may already have an account there. There are also many other possible suppliers of beads for jewelry making. Another name that many people will be familiar with is Oriental Trading Company, which sells beads and bead suppliers among all their other things. You may already have a catalog of theirs in your house, especially if you do much crafting.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the selection of bead suppliers if one does a quick Internet search. Many things will go into selecting bead suppliers for jewelry making:

  1. Widest selection
  2. Best price per bead
  3. Best price per lot – these two may not be the same, a supplier geared towards wholesale business may have much better deals on a bag of 1000 beads making the per bead cost low but may not sell just the 100 that you want.
  4. Delivery time
  5. Shipping costs

It’s not necessary to work with just one bead supplier for jewelry making. In fact it may be prudent to work with several, just for a wider selection of beads or a backup supplier for ones that a couple may carry.