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Beano Side Effects – What to Expect?

If you’re tired of discomfort and the social awkwardness of gas, you’re probably considering your options. It’s not always easy to leave the room or to keep it to yourself. There are a number of food allergies and other sensitivities that can make your experience a regular occurrence and an embarrassing and really uncomfortable endeavor. Beano is a legit option to provide you some needed relief.

Does Beano Work and What Kind of Side Effects Can You Expect?

For many, it’s not easy to avoid foods that are gas-causing. There are lifestyle changes to improve your body’s natural flora with probiotics and other foods that improve your body’s natural biological response to properly break down foods and digest them without discomfort. In acute situations, beano might be a life-saver, but there are some potential side effects that come with any dietary supplement.

Are their Side Effects of taking Beano?

Before you take any kind of herb, medicine, or dietary supplement, be prepared for potential side effects. Everybody is different and dietary supplements can and do react with your body’s delicate configuration for both desired, and undesired results. Beano has well-known benefits (which we’ll discuss), but prepare yourself for some uncomfortable side effects.

Considering that you’re trying to avoid abdominal bloating, pain, and the embarrassment of foul odors that penetrate your surroundings, you don’t want Beano making things worse. This article provides a brief introduction on what Beano is and how it works, what causes gas in the digestive system, and finally a short discussion on what the Beano side effects are.

What is Beano and How does it Work?

Beano is an over-the-counter dietary supplement that is formulated to help reduce gas in a person’s digestive tract. Reviews state that Beano helps improve digestion and also helps reduce flatulence, bloating, and any discomfort associated with these conditions.

Beano contains a natural enzyme called alpha-galactosidase which, according to studies, helps your body’s digestive system to reduce gas before it is created in the digestive system. When your body breaks down complex carbohydrates, like those in beans, they can produce excessive amounts of gas when they reach the colon.

The way Beano works is that is aids the body’s natural process, helping it to break down these complex carbohydrates (sugars), into simple sugars, which are more easily dissolved and passed through the colon – converting less of the complex carbs into gas. Beano prevents gas and the potential discomfort by breaking down the foods, before the gas is ever created.

Initially, Beano was introduce as a liquid-based supplement but was discontinued later on. It now comes in the form of tablets and the so-called “strawberry-flavored Meltaways.”

Beano supplements can be bought from Amazon, Walgreens, and Walmart at differing prices. At Amazon, the price is $23 for a pack of 2. Walmart sells a pack for $13.99. Beano is registered under GlaxoSmithKline.

Beano Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

So you’ve decided you want to get rid of all that extra gas in your digestive system. Before trying out Beano, it would be helpful to know if there are any side effects first. Here are a couple of the side effects reported by people who are taking the supplement.

Cramping – One of the most common Beano side effects is cramping of the abdominal muscles. There are some people whose bodies might not be accustomed to taking supplements and this can cause pain in the abdominal area.

Diarrhea – Another side effect of taking Beano supplements is diarrhea. Since Beano works around the digestive area, it might cause a change in one’s bowel movements. Those whose systems are prone to diarrhea might experience this side effect more frequently when taking Beano. It is important to take the advice of a health professional if diarrhea becomes more frequent especially when taking Beano supplements

Allergies – In some cases, Beano supplements give rise to allergic reactions such as rashes or itching (pruritus). When this happens, it is advisable to discontinue the use of the supplement at once until it is proven that Beano intake is not the cause.

Effects on people with diabetes – Alpha-galactosidase — the main enzyme in Beano supplements — can be problematic for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. Since the enzyme’s main function is to break down the complex carbohydrates that enter the body, it will also lead the blood sugar levels to rise in level. This, in itself, is not good for people with diabetes.
Another disadvantage for people with diabetes is that alpha-galactosidase enzymes seem to reduce the efficiency of Acarbose — an anti-diabetic drug.
If you are diabetic, it is advisable to make use of alpha-galactosidase inhibitors to block these enzymes.

Side Effects of Beano When You’re Pregnant

Problems for Pregnant or Nursing Mothers – Although there are still no solid shreds of evidence stating Beano supplements produce harmful effects in pregnant and nursing women, it is best to steer clear of taking any form of supplements unless advised by a doctor. This is because taking any form of unsupervised supplement might have an effect on an unborn child’s development.

Cholelithiasis – There are some cases wherein people taking Beano experience this condition in which gallstones become present. If left untreated, this condition might cause further gallbladder injuries such as chronic cholecystitis, or simply the state wherein the gallbladder becomes inflamed.

Irritable Bowel Movement – Irritable bowel movement is indicative of a gastrointestinal disorder. This might be caused by changes in the gastrointestinal tract due to taking Beano. This condition is also closely linked with abdominal pain and can only be diagnosed upon checkup with a healthcare professional.

For safety and health reasons, Beano supplements should not be taken by people who have severe liver diseases and by children until medical studies to prove its safety are made.

What Should You Do if You Experience Side Effects?

Once you have started taking Beano supplements and you begin experiencing any of the side effects mentioned above, you must take action of the following:

Discontinue use for a day – Stop taking Beano supplements for a day and check to see if any of the side effects you are experiencing will stop. Instant side effects such as abdominal cramping, allergic reactions, and diarrhea should stop if the cause was Beano.

Have yourself checked – Although cramping, diarrhea, and allergic reactions are easily visible, you might already be experiencing side effects that need to be diagnosed. Have yourself checked regularly and make sure to tell your doctor that you are taking Beano supplements. There are several cases wherein a certain side effect is caused by an existing precondition and not by Beano, but to make sure it is best to seek the help of a medical professional.

Safer Alternatives to Taking Beano

If you need the relief, but you’re finding that Beano is causing you some uncomfortable side effects, or you have other conditions which could complicate matters, consider the following safer alternatives:

Avoid chewing gum during meals – Gum can cause you to swallow more air, thus creating more opportunities for gas. Drink Lots of Water to help flush the digestive system. Try Peppermint tea as a natural alternative to providing some digestive relief. You should definitely avoid milk and other dairy products if you are lactose sensitive or intolerant, and exercise. Exercise and movement, like Yoga – helps release and relieve gas problems.

If you find that your Beano intake is indeed the one causing these side effects, it might be time to choose safer alternatives to get rid of gas. The list below might help:

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