Beat The Heat: Make Your Own Icee Type Treat

It’s summertime once again. Every year, the heat seems to be getting worse. And, I’ll bet, you’d give anything to slurp on an icee on a blistering day. I’m sure everyone would agree that nothing beats extreme heat better than an icee treat. But, just thinking about going out and making the trip to the grocery or to the nearest 7-11 is enough to make you turn up the air conditioner. On days like these, it is best to make your own icee type treat. There are several easy ways to prepare a delicious icee treat which do not need any special gadget or equipment.

Get Icee With Freeze Pops

One of the easiest methods is to buy a lot of frozen pops. You can stock up on them and save them for a sunny day. So, how do you turn them into icees? First, put several pops of the same flavor in the freezer. Leave it there for an hour. Then, check the pops every 15 minutes if they have started to look like slush. Once ice starts to form, you can take out the pops, snip them and pour all the contents into a glass or pitcher. Next, stir the slush and put the glass or pitcher back In the freezer and wait another 15 minutes for the mixture to thicken up or until it gets the right slushiness that you want it to have.

Make a Fruity Soda Icee

The ingredients in a fruity soda icee are soda or fizzy water, fruit juice, and ice cubes or crushed ice. The first step in making this type of icee treat is to pour fruit juice and put ice in a blender. Then, blend the mixture until the ice have been crushed to slush-size. Next, pour soda water into the juice slush. The amount of soda water depends on your preference. Taste the mixture and add more if you think it’s not fizzy enough. Then, put the entire mixture in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes and don’t forget to stir every 15 minutes. Finally, your fruity soda ice treat is ready to be devoured!

The Ultimate Icee Float

You don’t have to be great in the kitchen so you can make your own icee type treat. You just have to have the right ingredients. To make an ice float, you will only need vanilla ice cream, ice cubes or crushed ice, and ice-cold cola. It does not matter if it is regular cola or the diet variety. The first step is to mix half a cup of water with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and use a blender to mix in the ice. Blend them until they form a thick slush consistency. Pour the contents into a pitcher and slowly add 500 ml of cola. The ingredients of ice cream will react with the cola, forming slush. Remember to stir while pouring in the soda to avoid clumping. Put the pitcher in the freezer. After 15 minutes, your icee float will be ready.

The next time you need a break from a hot and humid day and you’re dreaming of icees, just make your own icee type treat. Now that you know the basics, don’t be afraid to try other flavors and concoctions. And, don’t hesitate to make them in large quantities when you’re having company. Remember, you can always serve your friends an icee instead of the usual drink. I’ll bet they’ll be back for more!