Beating Depression – Search for Someone to Talk to

Beating depression – search for someone to talk to is not based on something that I read about. I’ve formed this idea because of some my life experiences. At the time I working on being less depressed and withdrawn, I wasn’t thinking that communicating with others would eventually help me. I didn’t instantly improve, just gradually noticing other concepts that I didn’t know about.

After finding useful websites and/or books about depression, it’s time to actually work on getting other people indirectly involve with your situation.


I grew up in an environment where I felt I didn’t need to speak. I hardly spoke at all as a child. Hence, my pronunciation and speaking skills are not above average. That’s my opinion of them. To make up for those shortcomings, I need to talk to anyone. I understand it is much easier to share that concept in writing as opposed to really have the fortitude to chat with someone.

Always Thinking

Every single interaction that takes place is important because each one provides an opportunity to learn something I yearn to learn; thus, I’m always thinking. I am a philosopher. I just don’t have any thought-provoking quotes attributed to me.

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Willing to Communicate

Participating in conversations can lead to gaining something. How you communicate will determine the outcome. Thus, learning to be diplomatic towards anyone is imperative. For whatever you desire, the way you communicate may likely play a role for you to obtain something. Lastly, have you ever heard of the art of communication? I have never came across or heard of that idea in the past. It is something I pondered about after realizing each person has his/her way of communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

An example of talking to anyone is me eager to talk to a certain person at work about me damaging my car. I was very depressed about the occurrence as it was a traumatic event. The guy that I wanted to share my story with happens to be someone I’m not fond of. I don’t think much of him as a person. The actual important thing is I talked about my terrible experience, and it wasn’t awful to either let him hear my story or talk to him. For me, talking to others is a process to get out of a chronic depression. Right after my car was damaged, I incessantly keep on thinking about the incident.


Search for someone to talk to whenever you think about beating depression, because you actually don’t know everything about a particular person.

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