Beating the traffic chaos this New Year’s Eve

Every super city worth its salt has a New Year’s Eve celebration that is a wild, explosive affair. We’re no strangers with the ball drop at Times Square in New York or the Sydney Opera House Fireworks show in Australia. Dubai too is one of the world’s leading cities and by that right is host to some of the world’s most lavish New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The celebrations though, come with their own set of problems. First of all and most pertinently, getting to the venue is of prime importance, and on this day, traffic snarls and jams are to be expected. Considering the sheer volume of traffic on the roads, it is but obvious that tempers are going to flare, and a New Year’s Eve celebration is going to turn into a brawl. This is only of course if you do not follow a set of rules that will not just guarantee that you get to the venue on time, but also that you reach there in comfort and peace of mind, geared to celebrate the arrival of a truly Happy New Year.

How to avoid traffic chaos in Dubai this New Year’s Eve

1) Ensure that you leave with plenty of time to spare: If you’re driving to the venue, expect that others are too. Ensure that you leave at least a good two hours before the scheduled event, taking into consideration traffic hold ups that are bound to happen, given that the entire day can be called one large traffic jam. Leaving home a tad bit earlier will ensure that you arrive hassle free, albeit a little earlier than other guests, but are relatively more at peace and in a festive mood than the others.

2) Pre-programme your GPS: If you use a GPS device in your car, map out the shortest way to get to your destination. Using this technological innovation will ensure that you are driving for the shortest possible time, avoiding any untoward traffic and making sure that you arrive on time at your destination of choice.

3) Do not succumb to road rage: Road rage is just simple frustration that sends a motorist into a violent fit of anger. If you’ve already been delayed leaving home to your destination, realise that traffic is expected and make peace with the fact that delays are inevitable. Remember the traffic isn’t going to zoom any faster by you losing your cool, letting expletives fly or going on honking. Keep calm and just drive.

4) Take public transport: The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, anticipating a mad rush of New Year revellers ensures that they have a pretty concrete plan to keep the streets unclogged. This involves running the Metro service round the clock and ensuring that extra buses and taxis are plying the streets. It may therefore be a good idea to abandon your vehicle at home and simply take public transport.

5) Follow the road signs and obey traffic rules: As with any given day, if you’re driving, ensure that you follow road safety signs and obey traffic rules. More so because there may be some people who won’t, this means that the onus of ensuring both pedestrian safety and your own safety falls squarely upon you.

6) Invest in auto insurance: Being prepared for any eventuality is probably a good idea and investing in auto insurance is a precaution one needs to consider. In the off chance that you are in a bind, either due to an error in judgement or any traffic problem, auto insurance ensures that your car and its passengers are secured against both material and physical damage.

Following these simple tips will not only ensure that you reach your destination on time, but you also get there in comfort, security and in the right frame of mind.