Beautiful Bangladesh: Travelling To Sunderbans

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Bangladesh is a small country of 147,570 square kilometers in the south Asia. Bangladesh is very densely populated too. A lot of Bangladeshis are living below the poverty line.

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But Bangladesh is indeed a darling child of nature. The Himalaya is situated very close to Bangladesh in the north. The Northern and Eastern part of Bangladesh is full of small mountains and dense jungles. The Bay of Bengal is situated in the south of Bangladesh. The world’s longest sea beach Cox’s Bazar is also situated in this beautiful little country.


However, the most visited tourist spot of Bangladesh is Sunderbans. Sunderbans is the finalist of the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition or survey or whatever you call it. It is the world’s largest mangrove forest .And the rare Royal Bengal Tigers are found in a great number in this forest as it is the largest reserve of the Royal Bengal Tiger in the world. Actually, this forest is an amazing reserve of wildlife as it is highly rich in flora and fauna.

In this article I am going to write about the Sunderbans and how you can enjoy the natural beauty of the great mangrove forest Sunderbans.

What can you find in Sunderbans:

If you’re a bird watcher then Sunderbans is a must-visit place for you. It is rich in bird life and there are over 170 species of birds found in Sunderbans. Rare and globally threatened birds like Lesser Adjutants and Masked Finfoots are found here.

There are a lot of rare species animals found in this forest also. Magnificent animals like Chital deer, Hanuman(Gray Langurs), Fishing cats etc. are still found in a great number in this forest. Saltwater crocodiles, other species of crocodiles and various species of snakes are also found here.

River dolphin, saw-fish and various kinds of sharks are also found in the saltwater rivers in Sunderbans and bay of Bengal which is in the south of the Sunderbans(Sunderbans is a mangrove forest like I said before). So if you travel to Sunderbans, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the bay of Bengal at the same time. You will be able to see rare species aquatic animals like River dolphin and Saw-fish.

How to Travel to Sunderbans:

Now how can you travel to Sunderbans? You will need to first go to Bangladesh. Getting Visa of Bangladesh isn’t much hard. Then you will need to buy a air-ticket. You can search in the internet to find suitable flights to Dhaka ShahJalal International Airport.

After reaching Dhaka you will need to contact a tourism company. Bengaltours has a 5 day long trip to Sunderbans. Also there are some other good tourism industries which will provide you with various trips to Sunderbans. Bangladesh Tourism Board will always provide you necessary helps regarding the trip to Sunderbans. You can find out about various tourism program in Sunderbans that is provided by the government by contacting Bangladesh Tourism Board.

To learn more, you can do some googling and find out more things about Sunderbans and how can you travel to Sunderbans. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards the worlds largest Mangrove forest-Sunderbans.

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Beautiful Bangladesh: Travelling To Sunderbans, Seekyt
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