Beautiful Tiles Make a Beautiful Pool

Sydney is blessed with an abundance of beautiful, sandy beaches and a mild, sunny climate that keep those beaches packed with people for much of the year. For that reason, many Sydney residents have opted to install convenient, private pools on their property. Sand-swept coastline and colorful pebbles beautify Sydney’s beaches, and there is no reason why backyard pools need look like a common billabong. Exquisitely designed tiles can beautify Sydney pools in startlingly attractive ways.

Where can Pool Tiles be Used?

Pool tiles are specially designed to stand up under the pressure of pool water the whole year long. They are both sturdy and difficult to chip. The grout formula will resist corrosion even when exposed to the chlorine-rich water, as will the tile surfaces themselves. Of course, sooner or later, some lime buildup can occur, but this will not happen for many years in most cases. Plus, such buildup can be easily removed by professional pool tile cleaners and made to look like new all over again.

Pool tiles are often used in several locations:

  • On the pool’s bottom
  • On the pool’s sides
  • Around the pool’s immediate perimeter
  • On extensive deck areas surrounding the pool
  • In a Jacuzzi that is part of your pool zone
  • On fountains, waterfalls, stairs, and decorative structures positioned in or near the pool

What Materials are Used for Pool Tiles?

While there are many available options, the most common materials used in pool tiles are:

  • Ceramic Glass
  • Quartz
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Natural stone
  • Natural pebbles

There are many durable, natural-looking options that will make your pool look its very best. If you consult your local supplier of pool tiles in Sydney, the experts can explain you the pros and cons of each particular material.

What Tile Patterns I can Choose From?

The colors and patterns available to choose from are nearly endless. Blue, white, and turquoise are popular since they blend in with the water, but red, black, and gray tiles are also great options. Checkerboard and diamond patterns are common, but you can find almost any design you are looking for.

Mosaic murals, pictures of sea creatures like fish, starfish, crabs, and dolphins, and in-built sea shells are all frequently available. Tiles can also be arranged to highlight the pool’s edges, to mark its centre, to mark depth changes, to create swimming lanes, or to spell out words and messages. The design can be as complex and intricate as you desire. It is limited by little more than one’s imagination.

Do Pool Size and Shape Create Problems?

No matter how big or small your pool may be, it can be covered with high-quality tiles and turned into a veritable work of art. Even if your pool has an unconventional shape to it, twisting, turning, and curving as you move from one side to the other, it can be readily tiled. Skilled pool tilers in Sydney, such as those at Design Tiles, can follow the contours of your pool and put each tile its it proper place.


Sydney residents invest heavily in beautifying their homes and are frequently intent on installing a private swimming pool. It only makes sense to beautify and protect one’s swimming pool with sturdy, highly resistant, and attractively designed pool tiles. By investing in such tiles, you protect the investment you have already made in your pool, enhance the quality of your pool, and make the beauty of your swimming pool match the beauty of your house and landscaping. This increases your property value and makes your property much more enjoyable to live on.