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The scent of the moment
At the recent fall collections, practically every hot designer celebrated the 1970s in some way. A few, like Diane von Furstenberg and Anna Sui, are already ahead of the pack; their (very different) stylistic references to the Me Decade have been evolving season by season. Sui’s Bryant Park show was fashioned after a an outdoor concert in the early 70’s, from fringed skirts and stone necklaces to easy, flower-patterned dresses and studded jeans. The perfect accompaniment? Sui’s patchouli-spiked signature scent, which manages to evoke Styx and Santana yet remain effortlessly, chic-ly Right Now.

Between the stacks of Milk Fed t-shirts and racks of perfectly-tailored APC jeans at Sofia Coppola’s Hollywood boutique, Heaven 47, stars like Kirsty Hume and Ione Skye have discovered the actress-cum-director’s secret for incredible-looking, glowing skin: Her brother Roman’s grapeseed-extract-infused Day Moisturizing Cream from his cult skincare company, Uvavita. A combination of powerful antioxidants and botanicals that leave skin smooth, soft, and younger-looking. We have to have it practically every day—that and a glass of Rubicon, straight from the Coppola vineyards in the Napa Valley.

Creams of the Crop
If you believe even half of what you read about skin aging, you’re slathering on several different layers on your face every morning—some of which can actually decrease the effectiveness of others. And, after a regimen of Vitamin C serums, antioxidant cocktails, moisturizing creams, sunscreens, and self-tanners, daubing on a bit of makeup afterwards can be a genuine challenge. But the newest breed of face treatments combine forces—to make the morning lineup a good deal simpler: Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula has mixed 11 antioxidant vitamins, soy isoflavenoids, CQ-10, grapeseed extract, and just about everything else under the sun (sorry!) into its SPF 15 and 30 sunscreens; and Elizabeth Arden has managed to combine bronzer, moisturizer, and self-tanner for the face in a single, brilliant-yellow tube.


Sensitive subject
Jetting between London, New York, Paris and Milan for the fall collections leaves even the hottest models with troubled complexions. While it can’t promise that you wake up looking like Aurelie or Gisele, cult skincare Yon-Ka’s Creme 11 Anti Irritation Crème, with its healing and soothing extracts of nettle, marsh mallow, feverfew, arnica and horse chestnut, gives immediate nightly skin emergency care, repairing all symptoms of stressful skin irritation.

Out, damned spot
Fans of the incredible Peter Thomas Roth BPO Gel—Ben Stiller, Danny Glover and New York Met’s Jason Williams are a few of the names we’ve heard—swear that it obliterates breakouts practically overnight. The acne-fighting topical gel comes in 2 1/2%, 5%, and 10% formula strengths—a veritable miracle in a tube.

Work of art
Classic beauty—a flawless skin tone, rosy glow, and baby smooth softness—has never been easier to emulate than with Helena Rubinstein’s new Face Sculptor Make-Up. Available in 7 shades, the moisturizing foundation goes on effortlessly, practically erasing wrinkles with its patented Pro-Phosphor technology and giving skin a caffeine boost that leaves even the most pallid complexion positively radiant.


Quick fix
From the slightly-tousled-but-smooth styles on the runways at Calvin Klein and Fendi to the sleek chignons at Michael Kors, hair at the Fall 2013 collections was decidedly frizz-free. As if on cue, Redken has come out with Active Express Speed Control, a no-nonsense de-frizzer and texturizer in one. The lemon- and apple-scented cream instantly tames frizz and flyaways for hair that looks amazingly shiny but not at all over styled. But best of all, it saves us all what we can’t get enough of—time.

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