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Become A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


So, you are thinking of becoming a beauty consultant, and do not really know how to start the whole process….look no further, because there are a number of companies that are always on the lookout for consultants. One of these companies is Mary Kay, a long established, tried, tested and true company with a proven track record of success. As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant you will reap the rewards of your efforts, with generous bonuses and gifts. If you are working as a consultant, they will teach you how to improve your appearance and personality to achieve the financial success you have always wanted.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you are accepted as a Mary Kay beauty consultant, the rewards will fall into your lap. This job entails hard work and commitment, and you should be willing to work odd hours and even holiday periods. However if you stick at it, and give the proverbial 110%, the rewards can be potentially significant. “The harder you work, the luckier you get”, is an old but true saying.

Some of your duties will entail ensuring you have stock available, visiting people’s homes, and even giving demonstrations of your products, explaining their uses and benefits. Always remember, it is a business, and therefore you need to be happy and confident in your approach. This is paramount to actually selling products. If you have a background in sales or marketing, or have worked in these areas before, this can be a great advantage to you in achieving your goals.


As a Mary Kay beauty consultant you will be expected to dress and groom yourself exceptionally well, after all who would want to buy beauty products from a consultant who looks ordinary or has that just “got out of bed” look. You will spend time on the phone contacting clients and anticipating their requirements. It is important to build customer relations and trust, you will do inventory and stock control, thereby ensuring customers can receive their products in a timely manner, and are not subject to lengthy waiting times. As a beauty consultant you buy products from the company at wholesale prices and sell them with a mark-up, which is your profit.

Remember to stay up to date with the latest products and techniques, because customers always want the latest and newest products available. If you can recruit friends or other people to become Mary Kay beauty consultants, you will advance along the promotion line very nicely indeed. Within a few days of signing up as a consultant, you will receive enough products to use and share with about thirty friends and potential customers. In your start up kit you will receive such things as a free personalized product book, free customer catalogues, free business cards, a free business announcement email, plus a free professionally designed Mary Kay beauty consultant website for 6 months.

So if you are looking for extra income, or just need to find some money for that much needed holiday, this could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Become A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
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