Becoming a Certified Computer Service Technician

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Hard drive failures, crashed operating systems, viruses and malware are all in a day’s work for a computer service technician. This is someone who has great problem solving skills and very tech savvy. However, training and certifications helps you to become a much more suitable candidate in this profession. So, what kind of training and certification is needed in order to become a certified computer service technician? Well, read on and find out for yourself.

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Education for Computer Service Technicians

You can start preparing for this profession as early as in high school by taking vocational courses. Most technicians usually have to earn a 1 to 2 year associate’s degree in electronics through community college or a vocational school. In this program, you get to learn about programming, microprocessors, networking, electronics maintenance, computer troubleshooting and installation of software. Learning these things will equip you with the skills you will need out there in the field when fixing computers, networks and electronics. With a solid foundation, you will become a very proficient technician and no problem will be too great for you.

Certifications for Computer Service Technicians

In the world of IT and computers, certifications are very important in order to get a job. Not only do they prove that you have learnt something, but are a way of letting the potential employer know that you are equipped with all the skills that you will require in the workplace. In order to make it as a computer service technician, there are a number of certifications that are usually recommended. These include the A+ certifications from CompTIA. This certification is intended for individuals who have at least 500 hours of work experience and is made up of two exams. The first exam is used to test a person’s technical knowledge and customer service skills. The second exam presents troubleshooting and problem solving scenarios in order to prove that you are capable of performing out there in the field.

The A+ certification is usually the most basic certification for a computer service technician though advancing technicians can go for other specialty certifications as well. There are about 50 electronics certifications which are offered by the electronics technician association. Those pursuing these advanced certifications have to first pass the Associate Electronics technician exam (CETa). With CompTIA and ETA certifications, an employer will be sure that you meet the common knowledge and professional standards required in the field.

Many employers and certification organizations need you to keep on advancing your education even while on the job. This is because the computer world keeps on evolving with new things coming up every day. This means that for a computer service technician, learning never ends as you have to keep on updating your knowledge of the software and hardware landscape.

What is the Role of a Computer Service Technician?

As a computer service technician, you are responsible for maintaining personal computers and networks at the workplace. You may also be required to install new software and maintain the electronics used at the workplace. You may also be needed to replace faulty computing components in order to keep the computers running properly. It is important to possess patient customer service and problem solving skills since the clients may or may not possess basic computing skills.

Job Outlook

This profession is projected to grow by 7% over the 2010-2020 decade. The people who have certifications should expect better job prospects.

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