Becoming a Home Health Aide Independent Contractor – It's Easy to Earn Income On Your Own Time!

There are many advantages to becoming a home health aide independent contractor. Not only does this mean you can set your own hours and pay scale, but your job means that you get to go out and help others be able to better live their daily lives as independently as possible. With the right training, right equipment, and right attitude, you can easily become an overnight success in your community!

Having the Correct Training is Essential

Though you do not have to be licensed as a nurse is a vast majority of communities in order to become a home health aide independent contractor, you do need some sort of training or licensure in addition to your business license to provide authorized services. For many communities, this means you must be certified as a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant. This is generally a 6 week course which will teach you the procedures of how to correctly take blood pressures, give medications, and assist with activities of daily living, or ADLs. Some communities do not require you to be a CNA, but do require that you have a certificate in medication management. You will need to look at your specific communities’ requirements before serving your first customer.

Giving the Best Care Means Having the Best Tools

We no longer live in the dark ages when it comes to providing care, which means as a home health aide independent contractor, you need to have modern tools to give modern care. From digital pulse oxygen readers that go on a finger to automatic blood pressure cuffs with digital readouts to blood sugar instruments that take blood sugar levels from samples taken on the arm instead of a finger prick, having the best in modern tools not only makes you effective in serving the greatest amount of people possible, it also allows you to provide greater comfort to those for whom you are caring. Be aware that many of these tools can cost several hundred dollars, so make sure you have some investment money ready before starting out on your new contracting adventure.

Setting Your Own Hours

Not everyone likes to work first shift. Nor does everyone like to work second shift or the graveyard shift. The benefit of being a home health aide independent contractor is that you get to set your own hours and work when you want, and people who need care in their homes quite often need that care around the clock. This allows you to better fit your job into your lifestyle instead of fitting your lifestyle around your job.

Customers Love a Smile!

Being a home health aide independent contractor is by no means glamorous – in fact, many job functions involve bathing customers, assisting customers on the toilet, and placing medications in orifices. However, providing a smile and a caring attitude through the difficult portions of the job will always win you more customers, provide you with a less stressful day, and allow your customers a certain level of dignity. So even though you could be handling the most disgusting thing you could think of, flash a smile and get that job done!

Just remember – being a home health aide independent contractor can be a very rewarding job for both you and your customers if you let it be.