Bed Bugs Travel Prevention

Bed bug travel prevention is something we all need to be aware of when we take off on vacation and business trips. It is now a known fact that there are people picking up bed bugs every day in motels and hotels all around the world, so we should make ourselves aware of how to protect ourselves as we travel.

Bed bugs are lying in wait for someone to hitch a ride with so that they can have regular meals instead of going without feeding for long periods. For this reason, it helps to know how to prevent them from getting into personal belongings such as luggage and clothing.

One of the first things we do when we walk into a motel room is sit the luggage down, so this is where we will start. Place luggage up as high as you can get, instead of on the floor as usual and while luggage is on the table or high on a closet shelf you can inspect the premises, especially bed and mattress.

Finding evidence of bed bugs isn’t all that hard as long as you know what to look for and where to look for it. The primary place are the seams of the mattress, sheets and headboard; you’re not only looking for bed bugs themselves, but their fecal waste, which is tiny dark specks; blood excreted. Also, inspect all furniture and under edges of carpet.

As we all know many motel rooms have poor lighting and this is why you need a bright flashlight when searching for bed bugs. It might sound strange to pack a flashlight, but if you want to find these nocturnal creatures it’s a practical as well as tactical way to do so. Packing a bed bug kit is a good safety precaution as well.

It will also behoove you to bring your own zippered mattress protector just in case you don’t find bed bugs, but they have managed to elude you and are still hiding or you just simply didn’t inspect thoroughly enough to discover them.

Another thing we tend to do is remove items from the suitcase that are immediate needs and when we do this we leave the suitcase unzipped. Don’t leave it unzipped, as this gives bed bugs easy access, and unbeknownst to you they snuggle in and make themselves comfortable for the ride back to your home.

Bed bugs are small and when they haven’t fed in a while they are actually flat and can fit into very tight places. They may hide in pockets, seams and purses, especially cluttered purses with small compartments. It is worth it to take the time to look for them and not assume the hotel you’re in is exempt.

Lastly, when you get home do a complete inspection of luggage, clothing and personal belongings just in case. Vacuum luggage and wash clothing in very hot water and keep in mind that bed bugs lay eggs that will hatch later. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to bed bugs travel prevention.

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