Bedtime Stories for Kids

The importance of a bedtime story should never be overlooked, even in this age of television, DVDs and DSIs. Bedtime stories have as much value for parents and kids now as they ever did.

Bedtime stories have many benefits. They can calm a child down for sleep. Help the bond between a parent and child. They give a child a sense that life is a bit predictable – which helps a child feel safe and secure. The time spent reading and talking about a book at bedtime helps children develop essential thinking and language skills – also helping them to develop a love for books and reading. This can help a child’s overall learning.

The choice of bedtime book should be influenced by what you and your child enjoy reading together. Picture books are a popular choice but chapter books can also be read to older children.

If you are looking for some bedtime book ideas beyond Goodnight Moon have a look at these popular picture books for younger children.

Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book: Written in 1962 this book is a classic bedtime story where a little bug gives a yawn that creates a sleepy chain reaction.Dr Seuss' Sleep Book

Guess How Much I Love You: Another book that has become a classic. Guess How Much I Love You makes the most of the parent-child bonding that happens during story time. It’s especially well written for fathers to read at bedtime.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?: A humorous children’s book that explores ‘How does a dinosaur say good night when Papa comes in to turn off the light?’

Little Quack’s Bedtime: The Little Quack series of books are adorable and this one is an especially sweet bedtime story.

The Goodnight Train: This picture book is a favorite with toddlers and preschoolers who love trains. The illustrations are beautiful and there is a gentle, rhyming text (with train noises here and there).

The Napping House: Another humorous choice for bedtime. The Napping House has a rhythmic, repetitive text and funny pictures that are perfect for younger children.

Time for Bed: “It’s time for bed, little mouse, little mouse, Darkness is falling all over the house.’ Time for Bed is a classic story by Mem Fox which reads like a bedtime lullaby. The pictures are adorable and make it the perfect bedtime story for kids who love animals.