Before You Buy African Dwarf Frogs, Know This!

Before you buy African dwarf frogs you need to know a few things. There is a lot of information that is conflicting to prospective African dwarf frog owners that makes setting up a tank for their health and longevity confusing. Here are some important things that you need to be aware of before you bring a couple of African dwarf frogs home.

No Stagnant Water

You may read that African dwarf frogs will do just fine in a simple bowl of water. Technically that is true but here is the catch. A goldfish bowl will get gross and stinky with these little guys in there and no filtration. You don’t want that. Dwarf frogs are native to areas that flood seasonally so it is true that stagnant water is not foreign to them, but they will do better in a proper filtered fish tank.

Temperature Matters

Some will say that African dwarf frogs don’t need heat in their tanks and that makes them easy to own. The fact is that owners who use a simple aquarium heater report lifespan of their frogs to be much longer than those that leave them at room temperature. Water temperature in the 70’s is much more agreeable to African dwarf frogs and they are likely to live longer lives in this temperature range. This is also the range that you want for tropical fish so if you want some fish in the tank it is a no-brainer.

Beware Tank Mates

Many people want to have fish and frogs together. That is OK but beware the type of fish you couple with your African dwarf frogs. It is best to choose passive fish like tetras rather than aggressive fish like barbs. Aggressive fish will hurt your frogs. In fact, African dwarf frogs are rather fragile and won’t appreciate an aggressive fish in the tank.

Feeding Takes Time

Unlike fish, where you just throw some fish flakes in the tank each day, African dwarf frogs are a bit more challenging to feed. They eat things at the bottom of the tank and are scavengers, so floating food won’t do it. The best method is to use a turkey baster to squirt food near them every day or two. In no time they will eat right from the baster. This also gets the food to them without fish eating it on the way down to the bottom of the tank. If you have fish, feed the fish and, after a minute or two, feed the frogs at the bottom of the aquarium to get them the food they need.

Before You Buy African Dwarf Frogs, Know This!They Will Mate

If you get a male and a female they will mate. The male will basically sit on the back of the female for a while. If you are not ready to have this conversation with your kids you’d better get ready or not mix the sexes. And yes, you are likely to get tadpoles but they won’t live unless you go to extraordinary lengths to support them.

African dwarf frogs are a neat addition to a home aquarium and they are actually very simple to care for, but before you buy African dwarf frogs it is good that you know about these facts first to make sure you treat them right and are prepared to keep the healthy.