Being a “Banana” is never easy!

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Ever wonder what the term “banana” meant to Chinese?? It’s simple, it just simply means “yellow” on the outside and “white” on the inside! Jokes, anyway it also means that a Chinese dude that does not know how to speak “Chinese” or mandarin to be exact. I grew up in a family where my parents take English language as a priority due to the fact that English now is Universal language and also important if you were to go out to do business in the United States, Australia or United Kingdom. I do admit it is important to learn English for future purposes but what my parents did not know is that our main culture language which is Mandarin is also important! It was hard for me to grow up unable to speak mandarin even though I complete my high school and primary school in a government school where Malay is the main language. I tried to make friends with those same “species” as me but it was hard because they all speak mandarin all the way! Even though they know English and Malay, but they prefer to speak mandarin with their friends and therefore it was hard for me to make friends with them. I do make a lot of non-chinese friends but at times I do feel outcast. After all that fun and boring adventures I had in school, I told my parents I want to further my studies in an “English” University so I end up in Swinburne University!! I was delighted and happy of course! Can’t wait to make more new friends and start a new adventure. As soon as I entered Swinburne University, there is top 4 things I have learnt, which is:

  1. We Asians, especially the Chinese tend to love speaking in “Chinese” wherever we meet any Chinese people around.
  2. We Asians, we tend to “stick” or “glued” among our own “species”. Of course there is those outspoken and open type that can hang out with anyone but majority of us just hmmmm, glued among ourselves. I think because we feel more “secure” among ourselves. LOL.
  3. We are always GREEDY! As in like sharing information or “tips” on the upcoming exams. Not all, but most of us. Although we do share information but not all the important ones, just the unimportant ones LOL. We always think that sharing something is better than not sharing anything, this includes the unimportant and out of the topic stuffs, LOL. UNLESS you are super-duper close with that someone, then he or she is willing to share everything.
  4. “Banana” people get to hang out a lot within their own “species”. We are normally the “outcast” ones.
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Being a “banana” is really really hard. Especially in making friends or communicating within your own “species”. But I never did regret on it although it is hard. At times you could be proud too because some Chinese doesn’t know English. ^^

In fact, there is even a song about “banana” produced by local artist in Malaysia. The song does sound catchy though xD and here’s the link :

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Being a “Banana” is never easy!, Seekyt
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