Being a Breadwinner

Being a breadwinner is not an easy job. I usually characterized them as a sole provider of the family, the one person who has job and sacrifice a lot of time by rendering any kind of jobs to earn money or to make ends meet. A breadwinner choose to provide for his or her family. They cannot take to do not give their needs. they can only have peace if they able to provide something. The breadwinner not only give money but also time to hear the problems coming from his or her family. A breadwinner needs to be strong not only physically and financially, but emotionally also. Being emotional not only means they understand the feelings within the problem but being sensitive enough for every family member’s feelings. if, a breadwinner is open-minded, they able to make a solution to every problem in a simplest and quickest ways. They can focus on the solution rather than sticking to the problem as a pain in a butt.

Life is not simple for breadwinners. They are those who are stress all the time but they need to handle it intelligently. They usually have no time for fun because some of them are focused on earning money. If they can make the night to be a day, they will. Some breadwinners do not stick to one job. They find another earning opportunity. As much as possible they need triple jobs just to earn and save money. Usually, a breadwinner is the oldest in the family, male or female. Parents no longer have jobs and siblings should be send in school. Mostly family are in debt. They have no choice but to loan money just to make ends meet. The breadwinner is the one paying it in installment just to provide for a living in a day, month and year. This is the reason they look for other jobs because life is tragic to be drown in debt. This is stressful for them but they have no other choice.

Breadwinners are smart and quick thinking. Since there are lots of problems, sometimes they do not have time for drama. They ask help of people the could possibly help them. Usually some breadwinners do not have time to think about their personal life. Most of them are single until someone from the family can able to help them earn money or to replace them as the breadwinner. They only have time for themselves once they fulfilled their role as a breadwinner.

No one wants to have a life as a breadwinner because it is full of sacrifices, but it is a fulfilling job because of the privilege of serving the one you love.