Being a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning can be a very profitable business if you do it yourself, working for someone else does not pay the bills. For all of the pain that will come, doing it yourself is the only way to go. Don’t think for one minute that it’s going to be easy, this is a young man’s game. Your body and mind are going to change a lot, spending hard hours all day will take a toll on you. This is why I say it’s a young man’s game, you can make good money if you do it right. Starting out you must know what kind of cleaners you will have to know. Soaps for the truck mount cleaner you will need, solvents that will remove spots, you will learn how to use, what they can and cannot do. The different type of carpet material you will be cleaning, you must know this or you will be replacing carpet for not knowing what your limits are. There are schools that can teach you all of the tricks of the trade. You will learn carpet material, soap’s, solvents, how solvent will not clean dirt, how soap will not clean grease, how oil and water will not mix. There are books out their that can help you learn what not to do, and what you can do. What soap’s and solvent’s are made of, the danger of mixing certain chemicals that can be fatal to any fabric. If you plan to clean furniture, you will have to learn the fabric,s and how touchy they are. What soap’s will turn them brown and destroy the material, which you will replace and get costly. Before you go into someone’s home and clean their carpet or furniture you must know all of the above. I have seen guys go in not knowing whats going on, the money is the only thing they think about, not knowing anything about cleaning fabric’s. There are many company’s out there destroying someone’s new carpet and furniture, not caring about anything but money. The small claims courts are full of guys like this.

The best people in the carpet cleaning business, and know pretty much of everything on how to clean. Will sometimes make a mistake themselves and have to replace carpets or furniture. This is why I say try to know all of the tricks, and this will cut down on mistakes and money. I myself have replaced some items and it cost me plenty. If carpet cleaning is your choice of being in business for yourself, you must have a truck mount system. It is the only way to go, there are four ways to clean carpet,(steam, dry-clean or chemical also known as bonnet, shampoo and carbon cleaning) for all of types out there I find steam to be the best. Using portables cannot do the job. They do not have the power to go deep,they are a baby truck mount on wheels cannot compare to a truck unit.

There is different kinds of service’s you can do, go commercial which is cleaning businesses only, empty spaces or offices,and apartments. You have to do a lot to make any money. You can do homes and charge more because you will do more. Cleaning a whole house will get good money if you charge right, do not get into specials. I know it’s temping but does not compare to doing it the right way and getting the right price, for your labor and truck, which is expensive.