Being a Good Samaritan at the Supermarket

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When I go shopping I look for bargains, but I also look for anyone who I see who is in a motorized wheel chair or who is elderly and has trouble reaching for an item on the shelf.

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I can’t see being any other way. I am able bodied but my father had Polio and had to walk on crutches all his life. These days as the baby boomers age there are far more elderly and handicapped people in motorized wheel chairs and riding electric motorized shopping carts.

The reason I am a good samaritan is because I once was in the cub scouts. I also once worked as a courtesy clerk at Kroger. They taught us how to be good samaritans as well as humble servants to the public. We were instructed to keep ourselves clean and well groomed and well dressed as well as well mannered. When I was younger I used to earn good citizenship awards for good behavior in the classroom. Many other of my classmates praised me for this honor but some resented me for it.

It’s hard to figure those who would throw trash on the ground, inches away from a waste basket, or leave milk setting out on an aisle where they sell baby diapers. It bothered me as an employee when I noticed some customers walking in front of a woman in a motorized shopping cart ignoring the fact that they were waiting to get by. I can’t be the police for the world, but I have learned that I have control of one person, myself. And if I can help an elderly woman get something high off a shelf or pick up trash I find on the ground and put it in the proper trash receptacle, then I do so not because I am a neat freak but because it’s the right thing to do.

I want to be the example that others witness. I want to be the kind of person others look at with respect and admiration and the next time they see me it will be with goodness in their hearts about me. You reap what you sow. Anyway, My father, God rest his soul, was always taken advantage of by his employer. The boss knew he would find it hard to get work with his Polio condition, so when he came home some evenings and complained to my mother, who has also passed on, he would complain to her that he didn’t get paid as much as others did who had positions under him. He was an optician who checked prescription eye glasses for accuracy with a device known as a Lensometer. He was very good at this and he was respected by his co-workers but not by his employer. He never got paid what he was worth.

So I see many cases of injustice in this world from my own humble perspective of life in this modern era. And I want to be part of what makes the world a little bit brighter and less apathetic.

So anytime I see an elderly man or woman who happens to pass my way I help them any way I can because it is a moral imperative. A life long principle. A virtuous attribute of moral stature.

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Being a Good Samaritan at the Supermarket, Seekyt
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