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Bellini Baby Furniture – Reviews and Complaints

The baby is the most precious gift that would come your way. It is only prompt that outmost important should be given to the most important gift that a couple would ever receive. Would any parent compromise anything that is associated with their child?

Giving the best for your infant is also giving him the quality bedding furniture. Bellini Baby furniture is incomparable when it comes to baby furniture. Bellini Baby Furniture is made up of premium wood quality. For twenty years, it stands proud with its craftsmanship. Bellini uses premium quality woods like Beechwood and Birchwood.

The different products of Bellini Baby furniture last a life time. Quality is the mark of the company. Because of this, the price is quite expensive compared to its contemporaries. However, it’s worth your money. After all, buying a less expensive product that would not last long is not a smart buy. Bellini is not only known for durability, it is also known for safety products. Each product is uniquely designed and scrutinized to ensure safety of the infants.

Bellini is recommended and recognized by JPMA Certification Seal. This means the furniture manufactured by Bellini Furniture passes the standard quality product of Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. It is also the most recommended product by consumers.

The products of Bellini Baby Furniture are Bellini Crib, Book cases, Dressers, changing small tables, toy chests and mirrors. Bellini recommends that the color and style where your infants would outgrow. The parents should choose furniture that their infant could still use even after a number of years. The security knowing that our infant is left on safe and secured nursery can not be measured by any amount in this world.

Where can you get Bellini products? You can have these products exclusively on Bellini boutiques. Bellini can be shipped anywhere and everywhere. Further, the products have a one full year warranty. However, the warranty period covers only the manufacturer’s defects. The warranty also covers replacement of missing parts. Provided, however, that the parts are missing since day one from the time of purchase. The warranty does not cover any misuse or abuse on the furniture. Further, it covers the original buyer. Therefore, it can not transfer from one owner to another. The owner will be required of the receipt so as to get the advantage of the protection from the warranty period. The warranty is valid within Canada and the continental United States only.

We always want the best for our babies. Therefore, it is important that we leave our babies in a secure place. Bellini Baby furniture assures the safety and durability necessary to take care of our precious little angels. After all, we give only the best for our little ones. If you want to give your own reviews or complaints about them please feel feel to comment below.

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