Bemis Humidifiers – Reviews and Complaints

Bemis Humidifiers are getting a good reputation as being a quality product at a reasonable price. The workmanship on this product is excellent and there are many good features that make it an attractive buy. Attractive in both the functionality and appearance.

It is both easy to use and has enough different models to choose from to match any decor. In this article we’ll explain the basic functions of this unit and why you should consider Bemis by looking at both reviews and complaints, pros and cons of the brand.

The humidity level in the air is a big concern for those with medical issues associated with it. The physical condition of some people call for the humidity in the air to be at a certain level in order for them to breathe better.

Some customer testimonials have said that the humidity level in their house rose 30% within 1 hour of their Bemis Humidifier being turned on. A lot of units on the market today take a lot longer than that and some peoples’ health conditions suffer because of that.

For as effective as this humidifier is, the way it works is relatively simple. And as small as some of the units are, it’s actually quite surprising that some of them can affect up to 2,500 square feet.

This humidifier is considered to be an evaporative type because of the method it employs to bring humidity into the air. There is a wick on the back of the unit that is submerged in a reservoir of water.

The top part that stays exposed is dampened only when the humidity in the air is very low. There is a fan within the unit that is employed to distribute the humid air that is produced by the wick, into your apartment or house.

How it knows when to do that is the humidifier equivalent of a thermostat that tells your heating and cooling unit when to kick in. But instead of a temperature gauge, it’s a humidity gauge. In this case, you set the gauge to the desired humidity level, and the rest takes care of itself.

It should also be noted that because of the wick feature,it is less likely to be plagued by bacterial problems like other units have been known for. The craftsmanship on Bemis Humidifiers is also a good selling point.

Some consumers have said that the only thing they had to replace on their unit was the reservoir cap. And only then after 5 years of owning it. The H12 model is not a very small model, with a 12 gallon tank weighing 22 pounds, it is kind of bulky. But there are casters on the bottom to make moving it very simple. There are various colors that these humidifiers come in, and the most popular are white, and wood-grain. Possibly because they blend in with just about any color that the interior of the house is.

All in all Bemis is a very good brand of humidifier to use and comes highly recommended.