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Benefit From Advancements In Medical Technology

Medical technology is used to save and improve lives of individuals who are suffering from serious health conditions. Medical technology helps us to diagnose, monitor and treat most of the diseases that affect our lives. Currently, 500,000 technologies are available which aim at enhancing lives of individuals. Pacemakers, heart valves, replacement of knees and hips are a part of medical technology. This form of technology has a strong impact on our lives and our health. Medical technology has also given rise to large employment opportunities. It has played an important role in the economy by creating high quality jobs.

Advancements in medical technology

We can define medical technology as the apparatus, procedure or software that is used to deliver medical care. Devices in medical technology are used to treat diseases. Several factors have led to the growth of medical technology. We can discuss them as follows:

• Consumer demand has led to advancements in medical technology.
• Health insurances also make payments for new innovations.
• Health professionals have a strong desire to treat their patients well.
• Direct service providers feel the need to improve healthcare by incorporating new technology.
• EHR has improved the quality of patient care


Importance of EHR

Digital technology has brought about large changes in the world. Electronic health records have led to a smooth flow of information and have changed the way care is delivered in healthcare. Benefits of EHR are much larger than a paper record. We can discuss the benefits of EHR as follows:

• It has improved the quality of healthcare.
• The diagnosis has become more accurate and precise.
• It has led to better health outcomes and results.
• Offers quick access to records.
• Can be of great help in emergency decision making process.
• Existing electronic health records help in saving time at the doctor’s office.
• Having records of a patient in one place is very beneficial.

A guide to EHR implementation

To implement Electronic Health records you can follow the certain steps:

• It is essential to review your current practice and ascertain the needs and goals.
• Devise the implementation plan which will benefit your practice.
• Healthcare professionals and facilities need to use certified EHR system for practices.
• You can impart training on the EHR system as you plan to implement it.
• As you benefit from the functionality of EHR’s, you need to evaluate the practice’s goals continuously in order to deliver quality health care.

New innovations

With advancements in medical technology, you can make use of government certified EHR to share and capture data smoothly. Certain advancements in medical technology need mention. Development in technologies has led to needle free diabetes care which is a great boon for patients who need to draw blood for glucose testing. Robots have been developed which do not need human intervention for managing patient charts and checking their health records. It can maneuver itself through the busy hallways of the hospital. A trans catheter aortic valve has been developed for patients who cannot undergo open heart surgeries.

With medical technology individuals, can lead independent and healthier lives. Critically ill patients can look forward to leading healthier and happier lives. Coronary stents have remarkable reduced the number of deaths that are caused by heart diseases. The new glucose monitoring technologies have proved very beneficial to patients suffering from diabetes. Leading technology used in knee replacements has transformed several lives. It has been found that individuals suffering from arthritis and cataract have been able to discover new life due to the boons of medical technology. Medical technology industry contributes largely to the economy.

Author bio: Jack was suffering from arthritis. He underwent complete knee surgery which has been able to turn his life around. With government certified EHR software, the physicians got an access to his records easily.

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