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Benefits and Challenges of Online Instructional Design Courses

Instructional design courses are the courses that make the person take instructional experiences in order to acquire the knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

With the advancement in technology, the instructional design courses are available online and are becoming popular as well among people. The courses are routed in the cognitive and behavioural psychology
Online Instructional Design Courses include learning experiences that are completely facilitated by professional educators online. The entire course is taught online, so it is important to keep in mind some of the major areas as e-learning is not easy. E-learning has always offered a number of advantages to the learner, but along with the advantages, there are some obstacles as well which need to be taken care of during the course.
An instructional designer:

? Develop the objectives and make sure the content matches the objectives completely

? Rewrite the content for learning needs

? Do all the content structuring

? Also develop all the assessments

? Help in creating the media in order to support learning

Let’s discuss the benefits of learning the instructional courses online.

• Flexible and Convenient

Online teaching includes more flexibility and involves more engagement of students and instructors in various activities. The time of teaching is also more convenient as it does not follow the traditional class timings.

• More Efficient

There are many tools involved in this course that do not need manual instructions. It saves the time of the instructor by increasing the work efficiency.

• Better Relation with Students

All the students in online instructional design courses are required to attend discussions and participate as well. It does not happen face-to-face, but it should involve more engagement from both the student and the teacher, thus making the relationship better.

With the above advantages, there are also some challenges in online instructional courses like:

• How to build a community of like-minded people?

• How to facilitate discussions with students?

• How to make sure the goals are being achieved?

These above challenges can be addressed using some strategies in order to have a successful e-learning and teaching experience.

• Knowledge of latest technology

It is good for the instructor to have prior knowledge about all the software that he or she is going to use during the course. A complete knowledge of web is also required. This is required to make the students feel at ease while learning.

• Frequent contact with students

In order to build a community of like-minded people, it is important to get in contact with the students regularly. Discussing the goals that need to be accomplished by the students will make the instructor to understand the students better. In case of absenteeism of the student, the instructor should send emails or texts in order to motivate the student. This also makes the student feels that the instructor is monitoring everything on a regular basis.

• Online discussions

Online discussions are never easy to start. Posting a question during the discussion and then getting quick responses is not easy. It is the duty of the instructor to keep the discussion on the right track, similar to what is done in a face-to-face discussion. The instructor should also make the student feel comfortable while discussing the topic and facilitate the student’s to challenge each other’s contributions in a very clean manner.

EI Design is an e-learning solutions provider based out of Bangalore, India which caters to the training needs of global organizations. The company also offers online instructional design courses to help instructional designer aspirants to learn and master over building eLearning, mLearning and other learning courses. For more about why one should choose online instructional design courses over a degree, visit Articulate.com.

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