Benefits Of Genetically Altered Food

There are many benefits of genetically altered food. Even though there are many controversies and ongoing debates related to GMO food, it’s good to know also the profits and gains that are offered by that kind of food. We can find crops, vegetables and fruit between the foods that already have been genetically modified. Let’s take a look at potential benefits that GM food offers.

Benefits of generically altered food

Reducing the cost of producing food

Plants resistant to pesticides and herbicides: Farmers usually use a lot of pesticides and herbicides on a regular basis. If they wouldn’t do that, the financial losses caused by insects and weeds could be enormous. Many people don’t want to consume food that has been treated with chemicals, because of the potential health risks. If the crops (or any other vegetables) would’ve been immune to those chemicals, everyone would benefit from it. Farmers would spend less money on chemicals, so the costs of production would be lower.

Plants resistant to diseases: There are many viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause various plant diseases. The losses caused by those maladies can be significant, both financial and quantitative. This point is especially important for the developing countries, where farmers don’t have both the technology and the money to fight off that diseases. When the plants will be immune to the most popular maladies, the losses caused by plant diseases will be reduced significantly.

Plants resistant to environmental factors: We all know that not every location is suitable for plant cultivation. That’s a serious issue, especially when it comes to some of the underdeveloped countries, where long periods of drought and poor quality of soil are a serious problem. Genetically altered plants are able to withstand some of the unfavorable conditions like low temperatures, long periods of drought or high content of salt in the soil.

Using plants for cleaning contaminated soil or water: There are a lot of places on Earth that are polluted. Using genetically modified plants is a chance to clean up some of the contaminated waters or soil.

Making food more nutritious

Increasing nutritional values of food: There are a lot of extremely tasty foods that, unfortunately, aren’t nutritious at all. Using GMO food that can be changed. In most of the Third World countries people can choose only from a few kinds of food. Their diet often relies only on one or two main products, like rice, or cassava. Unfortunately, in most cases those products lack most of the nutrients that are extremely important for health. Genetically modified food offers better nutritional values, which will reduce the incidence of various illnesses related with malnutrition. Probably, in the nearest future genetically engineered foods will contain vaccines or other kinds of medicines.

Even though there are many hazards of genetically modified food, it will have a huge impact on the tomorrow’s agriculture. Genetic engineers are working on a lot of different projects and their work will definitely have an effect on our lives. As you can see, there are many both risks and benefits of genetically altered food.