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Benefits of HD-SDI Cameras

CCTV cameras and surveillance systems have become the need of the hour and many people are now considering buying them for ensuring the safety of their properties. However, the difficult decision that lies in front of the people is which camera system to buy. There are so many options available in the market that it is easy for a person to become confused and pick the wrong type that is not suitable for him.HD-SDI cameras are among the CCTV camera systems that are considered the best when it comes to providing extensive security to a home. These systems are suitable for providing surveillance for just about any kind of building and hold many advantages over other types of security cameras.

The significant benefit that an HD-SDI camera has over other IP cameras is that it can offer you an improved quality of video.HDSDI CCTV cameras are more advanced and thus can deliver better results than their counterparts. AN HD-SDI camera makes use of the same technology that is used for HD TV broadcasting. This is the reason why the video footage that an HD-SDI camera can record is extremely clear and does not lose any of its quality while being processed or recorded on the hard drive. An IP camera on the other hand is not capable of recording such high quality video and is thus not suitable for people who want top drawer video surveillance of their assets.

Another benefit that buying an HD-SDI camera system can provide you is that it is more secure than IP camera system. Tampering with this CCTV camera system is almost impossible since it has a closed network and does not grant much external access. Thus, messing with the settings or sabotaging the video footage that is being recorded by an HD-SDI camera is not that easy. An IP camera system by comparison has to be protected using advanced security programs and still it can be brought down to its knees by intelligent hackers and professional criminals within minutes. This is the reason why most banks and financial institutions who want to protect themselves from burglary attempts prefer having an HD-SDI camera system installed in place of an IP camera system.

Ease of installation is another aspect that makes HDSDI CCTV much more beneficial for people than analogue and other IP camera system. An HD-SDI camera can be installed without issues by any security expert but the IP cameras can only be installed by professionals and even then they take a lot of time to be installed in the right manner. The reason why an HD-SDI camera is easier to install is because it has a closed system and is not vulnerable to outside threats like an IP camera which works within an IP network that is easily accessible and can be breached if it is not properly secured. Thus, an installer with no knowledge of securing IP networks can’t install an IP camera system, but he can easily setup an HD-SDI camera within minutes.

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