Benefits of Laser Liposuction over Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure for getting rid of extra fat from different areas of the body. It allows a surgeon to contour the body by removing excess fat deposits that are resistant to diet or exercise, and also tightens the skin. Though both traditional and laser liposuction serve the same purpose, the advancements in technology has given rise to differences with regard to procedure, safety, discomfort, results and recovery time.

Laser liposuction vs. Traditional Liposuction

Laser lipo has many advantages over traditional lipo, which can be understood by looking at the differences between the procedures

• Less Trauma – Minimally invasive laser-assisted lipo performed using technology such as SmartLipo uses only smaller cannulas and incisions. Traditional lipo requires bigger incisions that require sutures, and due to the use of larger instruments to remove the fat, more severe bruising can be expected.

• Higher Safety – Conventional lipo usually requires general anesthesia, which makes the procedure more prone to anesthesia-related risks. Minimally-invasive laser lipolysis is performed under local anesthesia and the patient is wide awake and comfortable during the procedure.

• Better Results – Laser provides a level of skin tightening that is not possible with conventional liposuction. The high-energy beams of laser stimulate new collagen and elastin growth which smoothes out the skin. Traditional liposuction patients do not see results immediately whereas in the laser-enabled treatment a change is visible immediately, with more improved changes over months, including improved skin texture.

• Speedy Recovery – In the traditional body contouring procedure, the patient may require hospital stay for several days depending on the extent of fat removed. Due to significant bruising and swelling, pain and discomfort could persist for weeks. The laser-assisted procedure is minimally invasive, discomfort and pain are minimal, and recovery time is less with patients resuming their normal activities soon after treatment.

• More Focused Approach – Laser lipo devices such as SmartLipo Triplex are designed to treat even small localized pockets of fat in delicate areas such as the face, neck, calves, and more that require a gentle approach. As traditional lipo is an invasive procedure, fat removal from delicate body areas can pose risks, which is why it is generally recommended for treating larger areas. Moreover, with the conventional procedure, additional surgery may be needed to get rid of excess skin.

• Less Scarring – With the laser-assisted technique, patients will not be able to identify any scars 6-9 months after the procedure. Due to larger incisions, scars from incision sites tend to be permanent in the traditional method.

Liposuction surgery is the smart choice for men and women seeking a smoother silhouette or more harmonious body proportions. For optimal results, it is important to have the treatment at a facility specialized in laser lipolysis. A reliable accredited practice would be equipped with a state-of-the-art outpatient operating room and have skilled and experienced surgeons to perform the procedure.