Benefits of Toe Stretchers

What are the benefits of toe stretchers is a question that many people ask when they first hear about them. This is true with most new gadgets on the market that appear to be a little weird or strange and toe stretchers could easily fall into this category and they might make one curious when they see them. Stretching toes is something that people need to do, but typically don’t do.

The main reason they don’t think about it is that it doesn’t concern them until they have pain in their toes or feet or they need to strengthen them for one reason or another. For example, those who seriously practice yoga or pilates will benefit greatly from the use of toe stretchers because toe stretchers are known to help increase coordination, balance and flexibility in the feet and toes.

Feet and toes are cramped up in shoes for way too many hours a day and are the main reason why so many people have foot problems, bunions, hammer toes, corns, crossed toes and the like. The toes and feet need to be stretched and realigned on a daily basis and toe stretchers do this in minutes.

Other benefits of toe stretchers: improve circulation in feet and toes, increase joint range, decrease foot pain, relieve tension and correct bone, muscle and ligament misalignment.

Toe stretchers can cause some discomfort at first since feet and toes are used to being cramped up. In time, however, you will feel relief and the benefits of toe stretchers will be worth enduring some minor uneasiness. The best way to do this is to increase time little by little and not try to keep toe stretchers on for long periods of time until toes and feet adjust and discomfort dissipates.

If you really want to ease into toe stretchers it might be a good idea to try foot alignment socks first as they also stretch and realign, but are gentler in the way they do it. For those who have really stiff toes and feet and need to ease into stretching and spreading toes another option are toeless toe socks.

To make it a natural progression you would first wear toeless toe socks, then foot alignment socks and finally toe stretchers. Keep in mind this is only necessary if toe stretchers feel awkward and feet and toes need to adjust at an easier pace.

The benefits of toe stretchers are many and worth any effort spent to adjust to how they feel. You never know, though, your feet may take to toe stretchers like a duck to water and feel relief right from the start.