Benefits of Using Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts

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Buildings with stairs pose accessibility issues for people in wheelchairs. Platform lifts are an ideal means of access for the mobility impaired in such environments. Leading manufacturers offer different models of these lifts suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Inclined platform wheelchair lifts are mainly used in buildings like churches, schools or small offices.

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Benefits of Using Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Ease of use – The controls are simple to use and can be easily operated by the wheelchair user or a companion.

Comfort and convenience – The platform lifts design ensures user maximum user convenience and comfort. The working mechanisms are concealed to provide an attractive appearance and to enhance safety in homes and public buildings.

Advanced features – Quality inclined platform lifts come equipped with advanced safety features like remote control operation, over speed governor, manual lowering device, emergency stop button, grab rails, automatic access ramps, safety brakes and key locks. Battery backup facility enables the lift to operate even during power breakdowns. Obstruction sensors quickly detect the objects blocking the path and immediately stop the lift, avoiding the risk of the user getting injured or the lift being damaged. The optional remote controls help to fold the platforms and key locks prevent the lift from unauthorized use. Some top models of inclined platform lifts offered by Savaria are ES-125, Delta, Omega and S-64.

Compact and space-saving design – Wheelchair lifts can be easily installed on existing stairways with little modification. They can be perfectly installed in curved, straight or spiral stairways without making any specific structural changes. These models move along the stairs and can be mounted either on a tower or wall. The device comes with a compact folding platform so that the stairs can be kept free (when the lift is not in use) for other users.

Access over stairs with multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings – There are inclined platform lifts that are specifically designed for access over stairs with multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings. For instance, the Savaria Omega carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs.

Choose Reliable Dealer for Efficient Installation

When wheelchair platform lifts, locate a reliable and reputable supplier. An established dealer will be able to provide customized installation of your lift. They would also ensure that the device is set up with the least structural modification. Partnering with a reliable company would also ensure post-purchase support with quick installation, timely inspection, and efficient repair and maintenance services.

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Benefits of Using Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts, Seekyt
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