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Beneteau Sailboat – Perfect Platform to Spend Leisure Time

Beneteau is known worldwide for being one of the largest builders of sailboats. People prefer these sailboats because of their incredible designs. The designers pay incredible attention to detail and have made the ‘Euro-style’ popular all over the world. Investors who like clean lines and smooth rounded features will love the interior and exterior design offered by Beneteau.

Beneteau has a branch based in Marion, South Carolina and is one of the most successful sailboat makers in the world. There are 10 different models of Beneteau sailboats, and many other models are available for import from a parent company. Since its inception the South Carolina location has produced 7,000 sailboats and yachts, and in 2009, they were awarded the CSI award by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association as a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction.
There are many Benefits of using a Beneteau Sailboat. The company uses some of the most modern engineering talent and programs available. Because of the attention to detail, the margin of error is down to low levels.

The hulls, for instance, can withstand years of travel on the sea because of the incredible construction. The sailboats have beautiful woodwork that is treated with special UV-resistant varnish. This will protect it during long hours in the sun. The boats are tested intensively in a float pool to ensure there are no leaks and the boat operates as expected. The chemical and mechanical bonds of the hull ensure the Beneteau boats are robust enough to withstand the stresses of the high seas. The Oceanis 350 is one type of sailboat made by Beneteau that features a solid fiberglass composite hull. The boat is 35-feet long and has high volume interiors. There are two choices for the keel configuration, which is highly beneficial.

This particular sailboat hull is made of solid fiberglass and features balsa-cored decks. The deck and hull come together in a way that a shoebox fits together. The two are held together with pop-rivets positioned along the overlap. Rail molding hides the seam, which is screwed and bolted together. The construction is so solid that once it’s put together it’s virtually indestructible. The Volvo diesel 28 hp and three cylinder engine is perfect for a boat of this size and weight. Storage is limited to behind the seats and under berth cushions, but most people find it somewhat adequate for the boat.
Beneteau sailboats can help people escape the norms of daily life and are a relaxing hobby for people who enjoy the simpler aspects of life. Sailboats are good investments that can be passed along to each generation for years to come.

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