Besao, Mt. Province, Philippines

Where is Besao?
Besao is one of the several towns that comprise Mt. Province in the Philippines. The town is composed of over a dozen smaller barangays. Barangay Kin-iway is considered to be the town’s center or Poblacion. The town is spread over several mountain ranges. Some of the town’s territories are very near the borders of the provinces of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Abra. In fact, if you are in barangay Banguitan, you can clearly see the famous and historic Tirad Pass which is located within the Ilocos region. Besao is a rural town. Peaceful. Quiet. And everybody knows everyone.

Majority of the town has access to electrical power. And cellphone signals are pretty strong so you don’t need to be worried about being digitally disconnected if you are in the town.

How To Get To Besao
Besao is just a few kilometers away from the tourist town of Sagada. It’s about a thirty-minute ride away. If you are of the adventurous type, you can choose to hike. Just follow the main road and sooner or later you’ll reach the town’s main square which is right in front of the municipal hall. The town’s main establishments are very near the municipal hall. It’s surrounded by the public hospital, the central elementary school, the police station, the national high school, a private high school run by the Anglican Church and the building which houses the town’s other government offices.

Unlike the neighboring town of Sagada, there are no hotels, lodging houses or inns in Besao. So if you are planning to stay overnight there, you will have to reach out to the locals if they can take you in for the night. Or you can talk to town officials if they can help you out. People in Besao are very hospitable. They will help you out, all you have to do is ask. For instance, if you are in any of the town’s far-flung barangays, you can always seek the help of the barangay captain. It’s common practice for barangay halls or school classrooms being used as stop-overs for travelers who have nowhere else to go for the night.

The road to Besao coming from Sagada is well-paved except for some rough patches. It’s a two lane road so all kinds of vehicles can travel through it.

Noteworthy Spots in Besao

  • The Kitkitaw-eng Falls – This is a water fall that falls hundreds of feet. During the summer season, the water fall is dry so there’s no water fall. In the rainy season however, the water fall is a sight to behold. It’s located just below barangay Banguitan. In order to take a full view of it, you need to be at the neighboring barangays of either Kin-iway or Payeo.
  • Calvary Mountain – This is a mountain top that overlooks barangay Kin-iway. At the top of the mountain is a huge concrete cross. The place is a nice venue for a little picnic or gathering.
  • St. Benedict’s Church – This is an Anglican Church located just beside the Saint James High School which the church also runs.
  • Banao Lake – This is referred to by the neighboring town of Sagada as Lake Danum. It’s a small lake located high up in the mountains. Tourists often visit the place to watch the sunset or sunrise.

The Barangays Of Besao
Banguitan, Soquib, Besao East, Besao west, Payeo, Kin-iway, Agawa, Lacmaan, Ambagiw, Tamboan, Dandanac, Bunga, Catengan, and Panabungen.