Best 2 Row Corn Planter

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It can be difficult to find the best 2 row corn planter for your needs. There are several criteria to consider that can give you a good idea which will be the best for you though. We’ll go through some of them in this article.

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There are many manufacturers for corn planters, some of which are household names and some are more specialized.

• Ford – Obviously a household name. Ford has made some great agricultural equipment for many years and their planters are no exception.

• International – Well known in agriculture, International no longer makes farm equipment as they are a commercial truck manufacturer now, but they farm equipment is known for quality and built to last.

• Allis Chalmers – A company that was based in Wisconsin. They made quality farm equipment and were purchased by Agco in 1985.

• Cole – Cole Planter Company is based out of Georgia. They specialize in planters.

• John Deere – Famous name with the green and yellow equipment. As they say “nothing runs like a deer”.

• Massey Ferguson – Another manufacturer that was bought by Agco. You’ll only find used planters under that name.

There are several features to consider when finding the best 2 row corn planter for you.

• 3 point hitch – Does the planter have a 3 point hitch or are they pull behind? Be sure that it matches whatever you have for a tractor.

• Extra plates – Does the planter just come with corn plates or does it have plates that allow you to plant other crops as well? An example would be that some include plates for planting sunflowers.

• Adjustable seed population settings – This allows you to control how the seed is planted, how much is planted, etc.

• Parking stands – Allows you to unhook your planter without using a jackstand or wood blocks which is very convenient.

• Adjustable rows – Many planters allow the rows to be adjusted down to 22” and up to 36” or even more.

• Seed press – a seed press helps ensure a steady, even flow of the seed. Not all planters have this.

• Tires – not a concern if buying new, but if buying used be sure to check out the tires as they can be a significant cost to replace.

• Any significant repairs – Always check used planters to see if there are any welds or breaks that have been repaired. Make sure the repairs are good.

Finding the best 2 row corn planter for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Just be sure you consider the factors and features highlighted above before making your decision.

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