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Best 2000 Watt Generator 2014

#1 Yamaha EF2000iS 4 Stroke Generator

The EF2000iS is a portable inverter that is powered by 1600-watt 13.3/16.7 amps at 120 volts with an AC maximum output of 2000 watts. Unlike most commercial generators it produces sine waves which has been acknowledged as a cleaner source of power. When you start the machine with the touch of a button it fires to life instantly due to its auto-decompression system. A safety feature is the electrical overload breaker which protects the motor from any damage that might be created by an overload. The EF2000iS is one of the most efficient generators and is able to provide 10.5 hours without replenishing fuel in an economy mode.

The weight of the generator is only 44 pounds which makes it very light and portable. A control panel contains all the controls that you might need to monitor the performance of the generator. An additional feature is the recharging system that uses its 8A12V DC output which means that it can be recharged easily on a boat or RV. If the generator has less oil it will not be a cause for worry as the system shuts of automatically when the oil level is too low and may have the potential to cause any damage.

The EF2000iS is extremely quiet with noise-absorbent wool and special sound blocking features like a super quiet muffler and vibration isolators in its feet.

#2 Champion 73536i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion 73536i is a 2000-watt inverter with a rating of 1700 watts and a maximum output of 2000 watts. The energy released by it is clean and safe due to its inverter technology. It has an economy mode which adjusts the engine to a lower output when the load decreases; this will save you a lot of fuel and in the long run and also lengthen the life of the engine. If you need more power you can stack two of these inverters and combine them with the help of a parallel kit that has to be purchased separately. It is very quiet with a variable speed engine that also helps to save fuel. The machine is highly portable with a weight of only 48 pounds allowing you to power RV vehicles and even take it for camping.

#3 All Power America APG3014 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

The APG3014 has a maximum power output of 2000 watts and 1400 watts of continuous output. It is powered by a 3-horsepower 4-stroke engine making it very powerful for a machine in its range. In fact it can run for 9.5 hours at a load capacity of 50% which will be sufficient for camping or for emergency power if there is an outage in your area. The machine is really silent when in operation due to the superior sound dampening material that has been used. The noise levels do not exceed 68dB making it one of the quietest generators available.

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