Best 4 wheeler for kids

It’s always pleasure gift something to kids!!! What will happen if you buy and free gift them 4 wheeler for your kids? That would be amazing right.
Basic facts on 4 wheeler for kids :
Normal kids car Dimensions: 59 x 27 x 20 inches ; 55 pounds
Kid’s car weight: 55 Pounds
Height: 22 inches
Length: 59 inches
Width: 27 inches
Best 4 wheeler for kids
Faulkner BMW pedal car 80 93 0 444852 M6 Convertible Baby love outdoor car starts young. Love to travel in an open car starts young. Pedal release: Easy-drive pedal, adjustable pedals, weight: Aprox. 17 pounds. MSRP: $ 393,00 plus shipping Our sale price of $ 330,72 plus shipping we will ship internationally via UPS.
Killer 4 wheeler for kids Power Wheels Lil Quad
Only one nuance … This ride on toy will not work well for older, higher-than-average kid … especially if the closer is three times higher than two years. That’s because there isn’t much legroom. This is a very good toy, but any child should have short legs (as is the case with my granddaughter), or buy it when they 1 and one and a half to two years. My granddaughter is 3 and a half … and still able to ride it, but it’s a bit on the short side.
This Jeep will correspond to 2 young children, no problem, but not the 2 big kids, seat width 16 3/4 inches, so parents, please judge for yourself based on these measurements, if your 2 kids can ride it together. Fun just took on a whole new dimension! Introducing our new battery powered jeep for children, which included headlights and two-speed power-drive slowly for beginners, more experienced children quickly. The car goes forward, backward, left and right. Includes music and the sounds of horns that work using the buttons on the steering wheel.
Unit is brand new, and the ships in its original packaging. includes charger and battery 12V. Retail price is $ 399, available now on our eliminated price while supplies last! Recommended for children ages 3 1/2-7 years, takes up to 77 kg. The car runs on 12 Volt battery. Speed is OK. 3-5 mph. Length of the Jeep is 46 ‘high, 31’, recreation area 16 3/4 ‘wide. Headlights, taillights and light transverse everything works! Adult Assembly required. The car will run OK. 1-1, 5:0 on a full charge. The group comes with a full 90-day warranty against manufacturer’s defects, beware of other sellers that do not give guarantees, or a paltry 30 days warranty.
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