Best 4000 Watt Generator 2014

#1 DuroStar DS4000S 4-Cycle Portable Generator

The DS4000S is a powerful generator with 7 horsepower OHV engine and generates 3,300 continuous watts and a maximum of 4,000 watts of power. It is very popular for those with RVs and campers due to its versatility and ruggedness. In fact it can run for 8 hours and has a huge 4 gallon gas tank which will let the generator run uninterrupted without needing a refill for 8 hours at a load capacity of 50%. You will know when to replenish fuel with the help of a gauge that is easy to read and conveniently placed on the machine. The recoil start is easy to use and the generator fires to life as soon as you pull the recoil cord.

The control panel has all the controls that you would need including a volt meter and a start switch. A circuit breaker protects the machine from damage. Another safety feature is the low oil shutoff feature which prevents damage to the motor in case the oil runs low.

The machine is not CARB compliant. The mounts on the steel frame and a super quiet muffler make sure that people do not get disturbed when the generator is in operation.

#2 Sportsman GEN4065 Generator

The GEN4065 is a powerful generator with 6.5 horsepower 4-stroke OHV engine which produces a maximum of 4,000 watts of power and 3,250 continuous running watts. It is highly popular with campers and owners of RV vehicle because of its long-lasting power that can run for 9 hours on a 50% load. It is highly portable and lightweight at 100 pounds and performs well outdoors. For safety the GEN4065 features a low oil shutdown mechanism so that there is no damage caused to the motor while running on low oil. It has a 4 gallon gas tank in which you can fill unleaded gasoline. It is not CARB complaint but is ETA approved. Circuit protection has been provided in the generator. It has one 12 volt DC outlet and two 120 volts AC outlets.

#3 DuroStar DS4000WGE Gas Powered Portable Generator

The DS4000WGE provides a power output of 3,500 continuous watts and a surge of 4,000 watts. It is convenient to start the generator owing to the electric start that has been provided. A 16-horsepower engine with a capacity of 480cc can be started with a recoil system as well. If you operate the machine at 50% load it will run for 8 hours with 7 gallons of fuel. You will know when to refuel by looking at the conveniently located fuel gauge. A good muffler and mounts on the steel frame ensure quietness and large tires and handle provided in a kit make it very portable.