Best 4×4 Double Cab for Tough Terrain

South Africa’s tough terrain demands durable 4×4 workhorses that combine brawn with reasonable comfort and dependable good looks.

Gone are the days when macho and muscle were the sole deciding factors; discerning drivers are now looking for the complete product, where power and torque are complemented by spacious interiors, safety features and air conditioning as part of the package.

A stable of Double Cab 4x4s – Toyota, Nissan Navara, Nissan Hardbody, Colt, Triton, Ford Ranger and Isuzu’s new generation KB series – are slugging it out for the honours.

Sales Performance & Quality Surveys Point to Isuzu KB Double Cabs

If sales figures are anything to go by, then Toyota leads the pack, with the gritty Isuzu family hot on its heels. Factor in a litany of quality surveys by drivers who dish out loads of off-road punishment, and its down to a bruising battle between the bakkie behemoths – Isuzu and Toyota – yet again, with the two trading the top spot with boring regularity!

Amongst the chart topping Cape Town cars for sale, it’s only the sixth generation Isuzu KB studs, together with the tried and tested Toyota, that are getting great reviews from men in the know.

Good Reasons to Invest in Isuzu

The Triton may be capable, with good fuel economy, but it’s failed to live up to its predecessor’s spunk and sale performance, and to top it all, it’s so darn ugly!

The Navarra hasn’t impressed by any means and is being touted as downright useless off road. With really poor clearance, it simply isn’t up to scratch unless fitted with a bash plate and Old Man Emu suspension that’s very likely to break the bank; while the tired, dated Ford Ranger is clearly showing its age!

Demand for Double Purpose Vehicles

South Africans want a blend between a snug leisure vehicle and a hard working bakkie and the Isuzu KB series fits the bill. With 16 model variants, including 10 diesels, the Isuzu KB Double Cab is more powerful and more spacious than ever before.

With comfortable seating, enhanced safety features, low fuel emissions and improved torque, the Isuzu Double Cab is the undisputed leader in the popular crossover 4×4 motor vehicle sector, by far.

Test Drive an Isuzu KB Double Cab

If you are still not convinced at the off-road superiority and incomparable comfort of the Isuzu KB Double Cab, why not take it for a spin. Cape Town’s largest GM dealership and a leading supplier of new and used cars in Cape Town, the Reeds Motor Group, has a comprehensive range of Isuzu KB double cabs, extended cabs and single cabs up for grabs.

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