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Best 5 Backup Tools for Windows 7 and 8

Starting from viruses, software bugs, hardware failure, to human error and any unpredictable error, your PC is surrounded by the potential dangers that may trash your files. Loss of personal photos, music library, important business documents, list of contacts, or various other important files is what can turn your pleasant computable experience into a real disaster. What can you do actually to stop this from happening? Well, actually you can’t do more to stop such situations, but you can stay protected from them by following a regular backing up practice. You can choose from a wide array of free and paid backup software to meet your specific requirements and to keep your files/data protected from such uncertain threats.

So, here is the list of 5 best backup and disk cloning software for Windows 7 and 8 PCs along with their prominent details.

1. EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a free edition of the commercial product of the similar name and comes packed with numerous features that help you in backing up your data. Efficient in running both image and file-based backups, the tool can create backups both manually as well as on a scheduled time at regular intervals.

Allowing you to run full or incremental backups, the tool comes with an amazing option to limit write speed to minimize the impact backups on the system’s performance. Featuring clone and wipe drives features, the EaseUS Todo Backup Free allows you to create backup of individual files or folders, or an entire image via the program’s recovery disc.

2. AOMEI Backupper

Featuring a straightforward interface AOMEI Backupper is another backup tool, which will appeal a beginner immediately. Following a three-step approach, the tool will ask you to choose the drive or partition to back up, the destination drive, and a click to create an image. Strengthening more on data security and data protection, the tool incorporates encrypt or compress options to add a security layer to your backups. Possessing a rich collection of disk and partition cloning tools, the software allows you to restore individual files and folders as well as the entire image in one go.

3. Redo Backup and Recovery

Redo Backup and Recovery is an imaging backup tool that has the potential to create backups even if the Windows 7/8 doesn’t start. Download a 249MB ISO file, burn it to CD or USB key drive, and then boot from it to back up your drives, which can be restored later. You can use the ‘Undelete’ tool to make your backup free from deletion threats and can look to a web browser to seek help for your PC problems. The biggest problem of this software is that it can’t schedule backups therefore it will be required to run manually. Since this free tool is quite popular among users, you can install it if you only want to run backups occasionally.

4. FBackup

FBackup is a file backup tool and is backed by a simple and straightforward interface that makes the user experience simpler and easier. Made available for free for both personal and commercial use, the tool comes packed with a number of features that you won’t find elsewhere. Plug-ins to back up individual programs, support for include and exclude filters, and the ability to ‘mirror’ backups are some of the features that distinguish this software from other freeware.

5. Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is an amazing file backup tool that allows you to create full, differential, and incremental backups. The tool incorporates numerous unbeatable features such as zip or 7zip compression, include and exclude filters, AES 256-bit encryption, a scheduler, backup to or from FTP servers, and others. With the option to tweak and more than 100 settings, you can easily configure major sections of the program.

The above mentioned tools are some of the best backup and cloning software made available by the vendors for adding protection towards the data loss and data corruption threats. You can also download other programs such as DriveImage XML, Macrium Reflect Free, Paragon Backup & Recovery Free, NovaBACKUP Professional, and many others to make your entire system secure. Ensure that you download the software from trusted sources and always keep a check and install the latest updates to enjoy a streamlined experience.

About the Author: Polly M Quinton has been serving at qresolve.com as a tech support engineer and offers tech support to global customers. Polly is known for her skills and wide experience in providing online technical support for laptop, Mac,desktop, iPods,tablets, iPhone, smartphones and virus removal. She has been an active blogger and article writer related to computers, information technology, peripherals and devices. Her articles let users know about the benefits of online tech support, computer support and the latest emerging technologies.

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