Best 5 Free Online Computer Support Tools

Have you ever thought of installing an online computer support tool to deliver immediate tech resolution to your friends and relatives? Are you looking for a complete online desktop repair package that can help you troubleshoot PCs easily? If yes, then read the article to know about the best five free online technical support tools that ensure optimal connectivity with reliable computer solutions.

If you’re the one who is constantly being asked for computer help, then you should install online support software to reduce the tiring travels and annoying phone calls. Even if you’re not a tech geek or an IT professional, you should download and install a remote repair program to ensure faster troubleshooting of your damaged PCs. Remote computer solutions or software allows users to view, monitor, and control screens remotely to save time and confusion on both ends. Apart from delivering seamless support via live PC help sessions, the remote access programs are highly beneficial in holding online meetings and conferences. Scroll down to know about some of the best free remote access and screen sharing applications that are equally efficient as TeamViewer and LogMeIn.

1. CrossLoop

CrossLoop features the capabilities of both remote access and screen sharing to allow users to either hold online meetings or to conduct an online PC repair session. It is a cross-platform program that works on both Mac and Windows computers. One of the best features of this free tool is that you don’t need to create an account to use it, especially while sharing your screen with others. The software specializes in establishing the one-on-one connections, and it works as an intermediary tool to help resolve a number of tech issues by delivering speedy computer resolutions online. The product features a simple and easy-to-use user interface and an Android app that ensures a hassle-free remote desktop access.

2. ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC is specially designed to meet screen sharing requirements, and its simple user interface makes it ideal for beginners. The software supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and it is available in both free and paid versions. The free version allows a user to take and share screenshots, avail Android phone support and view the limited chat room whiteboard. Additionally, the free version users can access limited application sharing features and have limited participants per meeting, depending upon the network traffic. The tool makes you feel free from the hassle of installation as you can simply launch the application and run it immediately after it finishes downloading.

3. Mikogo

Mikogo is a free application that features both remote access and screen sharing tools to deliver a pleasurable online support experience. The tool offers support for Windows, Mac, and Linux OSes and is a must download program in case you are working in teams. Apart from incorporating the basic online repair program features, the software allows you to select and decide which all applications will be available during remote sessions. In case, you’re using this application for online meetings, use its whiteboard to create drawings and text or simply record the entire conversation with its ‘Record’ feature.

4. MingleView

MingleView is specially designed for Windows PC users, and it functions as an ideal screen sharing program that is completely free of cost. The tool doesn’t have any premium package upgrade, meaning you won’t get those annoying package upgrade pop-ups in the middle of online system support sessions. Since the program has no installation process, you can easily share your screen with others by simply downloading the software and clicking on the ‘Share’ button. The software allows unlimited participants and meeting hosting sessions to ensure that you enjoy a safer and pleasurable online support. The tool claims to have the highest screen quality, and its easy-to-use interface allows you to perform multiple functions by simply pressing a few buttons.

5. Live Look

Live Look is quite similar to MingleView, but it is just a screen sharing app. The application is completely web-based, and user doesn’t need to perform the download and install process. Since the program follows a web-based approach, it is accessible from all the leading operating systems and popular browsers. The tool features a simple and easy-to-use interface on both the website as well as the sharing window to bring out the desired results. Additionally, users will not have to create an account or log-in to view a screen of the other computer. But screen-sharing does require you to sign into an account and the service will charge per minute, while conducting a remote repair session.


Online tech support is an excellent solution to entertain uncertain PC issues, but it also unleashes some great threats that might lead to data or financial losses. A little carelessness while availing online desktop repair and computer solutions may end up regretting unfair business practices or crucial data loss situations. Therefore, always ensure that your PC technician uses a secure and protected SSL network or firewall protection while delivering live PC help.