Best 5 iPhone 5S Features

Ever since its first launch in January 9, 2007, Apple’s iPhone has continued being one of the most celebrated gadgets that every individual dreams to carry. With the launch of every new model of iPhone, Apple has succeeded in making its smartphone more in demand among the users globally. The latest iPhone 5S has indeed once again proved that Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturers across the globe. The smartphone has given its users the luxury to enjoy the best of technology and features prevailing to the genre of smartphones. Apple has upgraded its new iPhone on numerous aspects to maintain its appeal in the current highly competitive market of smartphones.

If you are willing to switch to this smartphone then don’t just go by the market trend or brand name, rather learn about this smartphone so that you can actually take pride of the fact that you are indeed going to possess one of the best smartphones of the market. It’s a device with substance; a complete package that reflects best of design, advance engineering and highly sophisticated user interface (UI).

Read about the following five new features that Apple has offered with its newly launched iPhone 5S:

64-bit architecture supporting A7 Chip

The most significant upgrade within the iPhone 5S is the A7 processor. Apple has launched iPhone 5S with a new A7 chip that supports 64-bit architecture. It enables the device to deliver two times faster CPU and graphics performance in comparison to the A6 chip within the iPhone 5.
Apple claims that the presence of A7 chip makes 5S the first smartphone in the world to have a 64-bit architecture. Also, the A7 chip is capable of supporting OpenGL ES version 3.0 that delivers complex visual effects and detailed graphics that is of gaming console-level.

Touch ID

The touch ID is perhaps the most talked about feature of the iPhone 5S. In light of this feature, iPhone 5S can be unlocked only after getting the Touch ID of the registered user. This fingerprint identity sensor makes the phone more privacy oriented and secure in comparison to password protection, because password can be hacked but not fingerprints. However, there is provision for multiple fingerprints touch ID, so that in time of emergency at least some known and trusted person of the user can unlock the phone. The Touch ID feature has 360-degree readability, which allows the users to enter their fingerprints in any position like portrait or landscape.

M7 coprocessor

The addition of A7 processor has brought along many new high-end features in iPhone 5S, and M7 coprocessor is one among those. The M7 coprocessor is capable of sending the motion data from the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass sensors of the phone directly to the new fitness apps, without bringing A7 processor into action. Means, the device don’t use its processor power to measure and reflect the motion data, which keep the battery of the device active for a longer period.

A new iSight camera

In this 5S, Apple has deployed 8-megapixel camera that features 15% larger sensor, aperture of f/2.2 and bigger pixels measuring 1.5 microns. All these allow more light to enter the device and also enhance the picture quality. More delightful aspect of the iSight camera is its continuous burst mode that allows one to capture around ten pictures in one second. Hence, users can have more real time individual shots in a break-free sequence.

4G LTE bands

It is worth mentioning that iPhone 5S supports up to 13 4GLTE bands. Till date no other available smartphone have supported 4G LTE bands as high as 13. This feature will delight the users a lot as now they will be able to access high-speed Internet using their smartphone in majority of countries across the globe.

So, now you have more definite reasons for buying the iPhone 5S. There is no denial that it is one of the expensive smartphones available in the market but by reading the above facts and features you can realize that the price is worth the features. Aforementioned features are just five newly added features of the 5S, whereas there are many such innovative features integrated into the device. Nonetheless, Apple has amazingly upgraded this phone in terms of its regular performance, thanks to the new powerful A7 processor. Also, Apple is offering its premium iWork and iLife apps like Pages, Number, Keynote, iMovie, etc for free to the buyers of the new iPhone 5s.

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