Best 5 Reasons to Purchase a White Gold Ring for Men

Best 5 Reasons to Purchase a White Gold Ring for Men

Whether you’re shopping for his wedding band, an anniversary gift or just to treat him a little bit, men’s white gold rings are always a wonderful and memorable choice. Here are 5 reasons to consider buying men’s white gold rings.

Best 5 Reasons to Purchase a White Gold Ring for Men
1. Nothing Says Classic Style like White Gold

There’s nothing quite as crisply elegant and versatile as men’s white gold rings. These bands pair seamlessly with nearly any ensemble and additional accessories, and have a timelessness that guarantees their stylishness for many years to come. While gold in its natural yellow state has a rich and appealing look, it also has what some consider being a dated or retro appearance, and it can clash with additional accessories or certain outfits. The silvery appearance of white gold is synonymous with contemporary style, and it doesn’t show any signs of losing its prominence as the foremost look in metals.

2. It’s More Affordable than Platinum

Many women find themselves struggling to decide between platinum and men’s white gold rings for their guy. Platinum is considered to be the premier luxury metal on the jewellery market, but it is also more expensive than white gold…a lot more expensive. Platinum is easily several times more expensive than white gold depending on the karat purity.

Which brings us to another item to consider: the variations within gold are pricing. Because gold is inherently soft in addition to being naturally yellow, men’s white gold rings always employ an alloying metal to render them white and to increase their durability. Different karat purities are used throughout men’s white gold rings, the most commonly seen karat grades being 10K, 14K and 18K. Higher karat grades see a higher amount of pure gold being used, as well as a gradual increase in price. For shoppers who want to buy men’s white gold rings but have a shoestring budget, lower karat grades like 10K is an excellent option for getting white gold at a further reduced price.

3. Gold has a Timeless Value
Platinum may be more expensive, but it is also much more volatile in value. The price of platinum generally plunges in times of greater financial unrest, and rises when the economy is up. Gold, on the other hand, has a steadily high value that is less prone to changing with market fluctuations. This lends men’s white gold rings an investment advantage over platinum and other precious metals.

4. There are more Design Options to Choose from

The malleability of gold has made it an ideal canvas for a number of intricate jewellery designs. Gold is a perpetually favourite choice amongst jewellers and manufacturers over other precious metals for a variety of reasons. While platinum can also lend itself well to different styles, its much more expensive price tag means that jewellers are less likely to try unusual new designs using it as a material.
Precious white metal palladium has been on the rise as an alternative material to white gold and platinum, but it still isn’t quite ready to catch up to white gold. Part of the problem is that it is difficult to cast, and not all jewellers carry the proper tools to work on palladium rings. Men’s white gold rings are reliably easy to work with, and have a price tag that makes them more suitable for experimentation in design.

5. Men’s White Gold Rings will Keep their “like new” Appearance

While men’s white gold rings aren’t wholly immune to scratching and some of the other rigors of daily wear, many men still prefer them over platinum. Because of platinum’s unique density, when it is scratched material is moved around on the surface, creating what is known as the “platinum patina.” This gives platinum rings a sort of vintage look, and many jewellers report customers returning to switch out their platinum bands for white gold once they obtain this dullish look. On the other hand, men’s white gold rings have no such tendency to patina, and will maintain their original finish for years to come.