Best 8000 Watt Generator 2014

#1 Generac XG8000E 5747 Gas Powered Portable Generator

The XG8000E is a powerful generator producing 8,000 watts of power from its 410cc OHVI engine. It can run 10 hours at a 50% load with a tankful of 9 gallons. The fuel tank is large and is made out of steel. This generator has a Powerbar which is series of bars on the control panel that displays how much power is being generated. The panel also has LED lights so that it is easily visible during power outages in addition to an hour meter to track usage. All the controls that you need are very conveniently placed and are easy to reach. The XG8000E 5747 is one of the most rugged generators available with a frame of 1.25 inch thickness and impact resistant corners.

Starting the generator is easy with an electric pull start which operates with the help of a battery. A plug in jack for the battery keeps the machine on standby for use all the time. You will never have to worry about damage caused by low oil levels due to an automatic shutoff feature incorporated in the machine. All the power outlets are covered and are safe from children.

#2 Briggs & Stratton 30471 Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Briggs & Stratton 30471 has a 12-volt key start with recoil and is powered by a 420cc OHV engine with an rpm of 3600. Starting the generator is as easy as pushing a button. It gives a run time of 9 hours at a load of 50% and has a tank with a total capacity of 7 gallons. The fuel gauge is placed conveniently for you to check for refilling.

The portability of the machine is good with large 12- inch wheels for rolling on rough surfaces and a handle that can be folded easily and kept away for storing. The control panel has all the touch points well placed for convenience and has rubber outlet covers. A low oil shutoff feature is very useful for protecting the motor when oil is less.

#3 Generac 6245 Gas Powered Standby Generator

The Generac 6245 is an 8,000 watt generator powered by an OHV 410cc engine with 3,600 rpm. The machine is air cooled and uses natural gas as fuel resulting in clean energy. It is very attractively designed with lockable access doors. It starts automatically without any manual interference whenever there is a power outage. This is very convenient especially when you are out of the house. The generator is quiet and smooth due to effective sound dampening enclosures; it emits a low 62dB of sound. The engine requires very little maintenance with a routine check every two years. The generator comes with pre-wired conduits and an outdoor connection box as well as a composite mounting pad.