Best Animal Costumes for Infants

Our little bundle of joy gives so much happiness to the whole family. We always want the best for our baby and we always want them to look great. Every year, there are many occasions where our baby would need to dress up and wear some costumes. Most of the time, it is hard to choose which one would best fit and would be perfect for our little angel most especially if we don’t have a guide and pictures of existing and available costumes.

I’ve made a list of the best selling and most requested animal costumes for babies below. Next to the descriptions are pictures that you can click to get more details of the items. I hope this list will help you decide which outfit would be perfect for your precious one.

1.) Lion Costume

Your baby would look amazing in the adorable brown infant lion costume below. He will surely stand out and would look great in it. Your son’s cute face would also be emphasized with that curly lion’s mane around his face. You and the whole family can also enjoy a very memorable picture taking moment with your precious baby. A lion’s costume would be perfect for him.

Changing the diapers of your little angel is not easy most especially if your baby is hyperactive but since this little lion costume has a jumpsuit that is lined zippered and with the help of its snap leg closures, it would become easier. You would surely love and enjoy the experience.

2.) Huggable Monkey

Most babies are so hyperactive and always want to move around. They always want to explore and learn new things. They want to move from one area to another and always want to put everything they see inside their mouth. A simple but huggable monkey costume would be perfect for a baby with these characteristics.

This little monkey costume just looks so adorable. It comes with 2 color varieties, brown and tan. It is made from 100% Polyester cloth and comes with hood and bodysuit booties. It weighs approximately 12 ounces.

3.) Orange Lobster

Do you want a costume for your baby that is not only amazingly cute but is also eye-catching? This little orange lobster costume is the one you’re looking for. The strong orange color would surely get the attention of your little bundle of joy. He will become a perfect little lobster in just a few minutes.

A couple who bought the lobster infant costume below for their 9-month old daughter had themselves wear matching aprons and chef hats and then carried their little angel in a large pot. Their baby sure won the costume contest and brought home all the awards in three different categories. What a brilliant family costume idea indeed!

4.) Adorable Monster

How about let your baby wear a funny monster costume? If you want him to look so adorable and at the same time have a little funny and scary twist to his costume, then a little infant monster costume would be perfect. Your child may even win a prize if he will join the party competition. This colorful costume will not only be loved by your baby but also by the whole family and the people around you. Everyone in the party would surely enjoy what they see most especially when it is being worn by your beautiful baby. He will surely get compliments for this very unique halloween outfit. It can also be worn for any costume party that your baby would attend.

5.) Elephant Costume

Some babies are just so healthy and huggable that we can’t take our eyes off them. We even love carrying them and we just can’t get enough of their presence. The healthy sight of our baby is just so heavenly not just to us but also to those people around us.

An infant elephant costume would make your baby look even more cute and lovable. It is made of 100% polyester cloth. It also comes with bodysuit booties and a hood. The hood is separated from the main suit which makes it easier for the whole costume to put on. The whole outfit weighs about 1 pound.

Dressing up our baby is a very enjoyable thing to do. We love taking photos of them and creating wonderful moments with them. We always have to remember that our baby won’t be little forever. It is just right to create as many memories as we can with them. When all things have changed and they are all grown up, these photos that we treasured our whole life are the only ones we have when they have left the house and started building their own lives already. Above all though, it is necessary that we build strong relationships with them. Family gatherings and other special events are just the right moments to build them.

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