Best Apps for Lawyers

Working as a lawyer is a tough job. It requires countless hours of work that far exceeds the average person’s work week. To help with the busy schedule that a lawyer has, there are many apps that have been developed. In this article, we will talk about a few of those apps which can help you save time and work more efficiently.

Legal Newsance
Legal Newsance is an app that allows you to read up on the latest breaking legal news on your phone. As you know, laws are constantly being changed and challenged at all times. Stay top of these changes with an app like this. It is the easiest way to receive all information that is related to legal matters and have it appear in the palm of your hand.

Viewabill is an app that will allow you to work with your fellow assistance, attorneys, accountants and secretaries to coordinate anything that has to do with billing. You can collaborate and easily access all items that are related to the billing process of your job. It is free to use and easy to set up. It is the most convenient way to stay on top of all of your finances.

Mobile Docket
Mobile Docket can be purchased for $9.92. It allows you to perform all of the tasks that your assistant normally would do in an easy and convenient way. You can be your own scheduler, filing clerk, organizer and bookkeeper all with the help of this app. It is easy to use and will allow you to perform all of these tasks quickly because they know how busy you can get.

Cite-Checker is a nice handy guide that will allow you to easily access the bluebook citation form that is explained and easy to understand terms. There are many descriptions and examples that and clearly explain the rules to you. This app can be bought at $1.99.

Adaptxt Legal Keyboard
If you find that you are often texting and e-mailing from your phone about legal matters, you may want to consider installing this keyboard. This keyboard has all the features and functions of your favorite keyboard design but it also has built in legal and law terms. This will save you time and help you better communicate what you need to get across to your associates. You can buy this app for $3.99.

iJuror will help you manage and select your jurors for a hearing. You can easily add and include information about each juror or potential juror with this app. It is much more easily done then you would be able to with the old-fashioned way of writing it down with a pen and paper. You can easily store all of the information on your phone and even find patterns that develop with your juror preferences over time.

These are all great apps which you can use to help with your job. No matter where you are located, using apps like this will help you get more things done in a more efficient manner. Many people that work as a Denver personal injury lawyer may find these apps especially useful.