Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews

When it is near the Christmas holiday, many of you find yourselves stranded not knowing what type of Christmas tree to get for your house.

Artificial trees come in handy, as you do not have to worry about them weathering. You can use these trees for several years without having to buy another, which goes a long way to help you save several bucks.

There is a wide variety to choose from in the market, which is why you need to know the best artificial Christmas trees reviews. This will allow you to know what the best trees are, which will make decision making easier for you.

7.5' Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones - LED Lights

7.5 feet Pre-lit Christmas tree

This highly affordable artificial Christmas tree has pinecones. The pinecones are very decorative. It has approximately 1400 tips. It comes with 300 LED lights that are white and warm. If one of the lights burns out, the rest remain lit. These lights are energy saving and do not produce a lot of heat. The tree is very easy to assemble and comes in three pieces whose attachment is simple.

It has a very strong metal stand to offer the best support. It is of good quality and weighs 50 pounds. Its two-tone color as well the long needle leaves create a natural look. This makes it appear rich, and feel real. Its realism, affordability and beauty should make you want to own this artificial tree. Buy here

6.5' Pre-Lit Frosted Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree - Clear Lights

6.5 feet pre-lit Christmas tree

This artificial Christmas tree has frosted mixed pine and with clear lights. It comes at a very friendly price. It has 300 mini clear lights. The lights are on the 3.25-inch green tips that have a brush style as well as on the 2-inch tapered tips that are lightly frosted.

The lights come with a lamp lock feature that allows for replacement when they burn out as well as keep them intact. It comes in three pieces that are easy to assemble. It is most appropriate for indoor use. It has an 18-inch dark green cord that is 120V. It has a weight of 30 pounds and its dimensions are a height of 6.5 feet and a base diameter of about 46 inches at its widest point. Buy here.

7.5' Prelit Green Artificial Fiber Optic Christmas Tree + Multicolor LED Lights7.5 feet pre-lit fiber optic tree

This artificial Christmas tree is fiber optic and multicolored. It is 7.5 feet tall with its widest point diameter at 36 inches and a weight of 40 pounds. It has white and lush fiber optic foliage whose color keeps changing. It has over 300 LED lights of different colors, these being red, blue, white and green.

These lights are such that if one of them goes out, the others remain lit. Its assembly is quick and easy. This tree provides you with the best opportunity of using it for décor for holiday photos. Its multicolor effect creates a beautiful and playful feeling that holidays should be about. Its visual dynamic nature and the festive ornaments add cheer to your holiday. Buy here.

Electric pre-lit pull-up treePre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree, Clear

The artificial pull-up Christmas tree retails at the low price of just under $130. It comes with a feature that allows it to collapse flat, which makes it easy to store.

Its branches have multiple tones that create a visual appeal. It comes with 400 pre-lit lights. It is 6 feet tall with a diameter of 36 inches. It is easy to use both indoor and outdoor as it is weatherproof. It has a weight of 48.4 pounds. This charming and beautiful tree livens up your home during the Christmas celebration. Buy here.

3FT Tacoma Pine Artificial Christmas Tree3 feet Tacoma pine Christmas tree

This is a small and highly affordable artificial Christmas tree. It has dark green tips that are light and two-tone. Its 118 tips allow you to hang your decorative ornaments and lights. The tips are 2 inches wide. It has a firm stand and is for indoor use.

Its dimensions are 30 x 6 x 6 inches and a weight of 3 pounds. It is an amazing tabletop tree fit for small spaces. It has a natural look and you can place it on a reception table in the office or kitchen table at home. It creates a Christmas cheer around you. Buy here.

With the help of the best artificial Christmas trees reviews, you now know the different types of quality fake Christmas trees that you can get to give your home the best holiday spirit. If you want a larger selection on Amazon, click here.