Best Baby Locks for Cabinets

When it comes to having a baby, safety is a very important concern. Whether you have one child or four, keeping them out of harm’s way is extremely important. After all, it only takes turning your back for a second to have something potentially dangerous happen.

One of the most important aspects of childproofing your house is keeping your baby or toddler out of things that are dangerous. Baby locks for cabinets are one of the most effective ways of keeping your baby safe. However, with all of the options available today it can be difficult to determine which baby locks for cabinets are the safest and most effective.

When choosing baby locks for cabinets it is important to choose locks that will hold up. You do not want to go through the trouble of installing the locks only to have them break the first time your toddler pulls at a cabinet door. Some of the thinner plastic locks do not hold up so be certain to choose something that looks sturdy enough to withstand some pulling.

Equally important, you will want to find some baby locks that your toddler will not figure out how to open. Some toddlers are notorious for figuring out even the most complicated locks and getting into anything.

If you are worried that your toddler will be one of these then you may want to consider magnetic locks that can only be opened with a special key. While it is important that your baby cabinet locks are difficult enough to stump your toddler, they have to be something that you will actually use.

If the locks are so difficult to manipulate that they leave you frustrated, then find some different locks. It does not help to have baby locks for cabinets if they frustrate you so much that you wind up taking them off of all of your cupboards.

Even though baby locks for cabinets are an important step to childproofing your house, you still do not want to learn to depend on them. This means that poisonous materials and cleaning products should always be kept out of reach of your babies or toddlers. Instead of depending on your cabinet locks try to think of them as an extra measure of protection against your toddler getting into things that he shouldn’t be.

At the same time that you are locking your baby out of all of your cabinets, do not forget to give him a space of his own. Try designating one cabinet where you put things that are safe for your baby to play with. This will give them some freedom to play while you are in the kitchen or other areas of the house.

Lastly, remember that baby locks for cabinets are not forever. While you are using them you should still be teaching your baby to listen stay out of the cupboards that contain dangerous substances. In the end, good teaching will be safer than any cabinet locking system that could be invented. Below you will find the best brands of baby locks that I personally recommend.