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Best Backpack for Travel

Airport hassles and high prices for check-in luggage have all of us hunting for a carry-on pack–the best backpack for travel.

It’s always a good idea to stick with well-known brands when hunting for the right backpack. Why? Proven value, sturdy construction and easy carry products as outlined by the manufacturer.

Look for the right size for your body frame, water-proof materials, adequate interior room and extra pockets and easy access for those inevitable security checks and scanning.

High Sierra Carry On Travel Bag includes Backpack Straps

High Sierra Carry On Travel BagYou will think you are packing in a small suitcase, this backpack holds so much! Our favorite part about this pack is you can hold it from the side using its sturdy suitcase style handle–it’s a perfect combination of luggage versus backpack.

Stacking luggage units make this High Sierra Travel bag a good choice for carry-on, overhead luggage. Start with the bottom compartment–great for heavy items like shoes. A zipper divider between luggage areas allows you to open up all the compartments to create one BIG packing space.

Back loop allows you to slip this pack over your wheeled luggage handle—if you choose to take rolling luggage.

Lots of packing room and easy handling with a an exterior that keeps its shape and protects your stuff. Color selection available. See more reviews here.

JanSport Air Cure Core Series Daypack

JanSport Air Cure Daypack

Another sturdy travel backpack option from JanSport. Includes a padded compartment for a mid-sized laptop and pockets for accessories.

This travel pack utilizes the proprietary Airlift 2.1 system from JanSport. The system is built around a Gelastic core designed to contour to your body and used to reduce stress and provide comfort when wearing the backpack.

Other features are vented panels, dense foam construction, and a spacer mesh panel to keep the body cool during the carrying process.

JanSport makes a lightweight easy to carry pack. This is a perfect choice if you want to use the pack for travel and everyday use. Designed to distribute the weight of the pack evenly – More info here.

Targus Friendly Checkpoint Air Traveler Backpack

Targus Air Traveler Backpack-Amazon

Targus backpack opens easily at airport checkpoints for fast scanning and review. Excellent padding and lots of room—carry 2 to 3 days clothing, a pair of shoes and personal items, plus a laptop if you choose!

Reviewers love the size of this bag—it fits easily under the seat and super easy in the overhead bin.

Lots of extra pockets and bags for in-flight food or drink items. Durable construction. Lightweight carry-on. More reviews here.

Still looking for a great best backpack for travel?

There are lots to choose from—just about any backpack can be used for travel, as long as it fills your personal needs.

If you want to see more Best Backpack for Travel on Amazon, check these out.

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