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Best Bagless Canister Vacuum 2014

What’s the Top Rated Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you looking for the best bagless canister vacuum on the market in 2014? If so you don’t have to look any further than the Dyson DC39 animal, a revolutionary bagless canister based vacuum cleaner that’s fitted with a whole new state-of-the-art cyclone system which allows it to be extraordinarily powerful & highly effective in picking up all kinds of debris from microscopic dust to thick, long pet hair across any surface. Let’s explore exactly why the Dyson DC39 is the best bagless canister vacuum cleaner around.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

As touched upon above, it is this very piece of highly advanced technology that separates your average canister vacuum from a Dyson canister vacuum. Radial root cyclone technology is a very sophisticated layered cyclonic system that can essentially generate colossal centrifugal forces to ‘capture more dirt than any other cyclone’ and allow it to efficiently ‘maximize suction power’ to ultimately remove more dust, dirt and allergens from your home — than any other canister vacuum. It is also the technology that allows the DC39 canister to operate on a bagless transparent bin mechanism, won’t clog and won’t suffer with loss of suction (like standard canister based vacuum cleaners do).
Ultra Powerful Suction Capacity

One thing to note about all Dyson vacuum cleaners & especially this Dyson DC39 which has a HUGE 275 Air watts suction power capacity (more so than any of their upright vacuum Dyson range) is that they are extremely powerful. They often (incl. the Dyson DC39) have almost double the suction power of their closest competitors — so when it comes to sucking up debris and dirt on your flooring, no other vacuum cleaners even come close.

High Quality Practical Specifications

As you have probably noticed the Dyson DC39 looks almost alien like, but modern and sleek nonetheless — but the style isn’t all show — it is highly practical too. You can see the ball mechanism at the centre of the DC39, this allows it to be incredibly mobile, where you can turn instantly on a dime. Whereas with your traditional canister vacuum that are based on a fixed wheel mechanism they hard and awkward to move around, where you often have to move in back and forth motions to get around anywhere. Plus, the fact it only weighs in at just under 17 lbs, means the DC39 bagless canister is an absolute dream to clean around the house with.

You should also note it is integrated with a sophisticated HEPA filtration system (which allergy & asthma sufferers will very much be appreciated) that captures more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria, leaving behind a clean healthy air supply — in fact it is so good in this aspect the DC39 has been awarded with the Allergy & Asthma Friendly Certification (which only a select few get granted with).

Moreover, it is clear the Dyson DC39 canister is designed to clean a mid to large sized house given the extensive practical features such as the large 0.53 gallon bin capacity (which is incredibly easy to release with a one button press system, that’s done in a safe and hygienic manner) and a max reach of over 30 feet. The DC39 has also undergone a series of acoustic engineering adjustments to both reduce sound levels produced from the motor as well as sound quality.

Tangle Free Turbine Tool

When you buy the Dyson DC39 Animal you will also get the tangle free turbine tool free & if you haven’t seen this pet hair device in action, you really ought to (see video just below). It works on a very unique counter rotating head mechanism that means it can never get tangled up (like most pet hair tools seem to do) & this coupled with the fact you have 275 AW of suction power with the Dyson DC39, means you will have pretty much the most effective pet hair pick up device going. Anyone who suffers with pet hair in their house will absolutely adore this.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

So clearly nothing really comes close to competing with the DC39 for this award, it has the most efficient cyclone system ever produced for a canister vacuum, it offers a ridiculous amount of suction power — and both these factors together allow the DC39 to pick up dirt, debris and pet hair across any floor type (with the triggerhead cleaning tool) like nothing else.

Not only this, it looks pretty darn cool too, but it ain’t all style and no substance either — because as demonstrated above it is also entirely practical and a lot easier to clean with than your traditional fix wheel canister and offers very decent specifications too (with regards to bin size etc.). Then to finish it all off you get the epic Dyson tangle free hair tool with the DC39 Animal.

If you do have any questions or concerns over the review of the Dyson DC39 Animal (e.g. any specific queries) then please make them in the comments and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Just a side note, if you plan on using the DC39 for hard flooring although the triggerhead tool it comes with, will do a great job — you should think about investing in the Dyson articulating hard floor tool that is compatible with the DC39 animal bagless canister, which will offer you an exceptional cleaning performance for hardwood floors.

Update: However, you might want to wait it out until the Dyson DC54 Cinetic gets released in the US (america) — but you could be waiting a while (although ebay.com could be an option).

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