Best Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair 2014

What’s the Top Rated Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair in 2014?

Are you on the search for the best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair? Well now you can call the hunt off, because you have found it: the Dyson DC65 Animal complete, not only the most competent baglessvacuum cleaner for sucking up dog and cat hair & the like — but actually the ultimate vacuum in dealing with pet hair, period (bagless or not). Let’s explore exactly why pretty much all owners of the Dyson DC65 animal complete consider it to be the absolute best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Latest Radial Root Cyclone Technology

Root cyclone technology is pretty much the fundamental difference between that of a standard vacuum and a top quality Dyson vacuum. But, with the Dyson DC65 it has been fitted with the latest, most advanced and efficient cyclone system yet (for any vacuum), the re-modelled Radial Root Cyclone technology. It is this specific technology that allows the DC65 to operate on a bagless bin mechanism, not suffer with loss of suction but most importantly allow it to be capable of generating colossal centrifugal forces that make it extremely efficient in picking up microscopic particles of debris, dust and pet hair.

The Most Powerful Vacuum Ever…

Not only is it fitted with the most advanced cyclone system, but the Dyson DC65 Animal complete also has a huge suction power capacity of 245 Air watts (more than any modern Dyson vacuum) that allows it to ‘clean better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors’. When compared to its competitors e.g. the Hoover WindTunnel, Bissell One Pass etc. the Dyson DC65 has been proven to have at least twice the suction power of its next best competitor.

Moreover, it is has been assembled with the very clever self adjusting cleaner head so can provide an optimal suction performance no matter the floor type you are cleaning & also has been integrated with a new re-configured brush bar that is capable of applying an extra 25% of power compared to its predecessor, the Dyson DC41 (this is the device what truly separates the DC65 into its own cleaning class from even other Dyson vacuums). So you can be rest assured no other vacuum will quite suck up pet hair like a Dyson DC65.

The Awesome Tangle Free Turbine Tool

If you aren’t exactly sure what Dyson’s tangle free turbine tool is, you definitely need to see it in action (see video just below) in just ‘how good’ this device is for dealing with pet hair. This is easily the #1 device for picking up pet hair efficiently and effectively — because it works on a unique counter rotating head system this means it can never get tangled up (unlike traditional pet hair devices) and this applied with the huge raw suction power of the Dyson DC65, makes cleaning up pet hair whether it be long or short an absolute breeze no matter the surface type (furniture, carpet, hard wood etc.) it is on.

Furthermore, the turbine tool comes free along with a whole other arsenal of specialized cleaning tools such as the Dyson soft dusting brush tool, combination crevice tool, stair tool, stubborn brush tool and much, much more.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bagless Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

It is pretty clear why the Dyson DC65 is the best bagless vacuum for pet hair, it offers a far greater suction power than other vacuum in the market, it is more efficient than any other vacuum (given its radial root cyclone technology), the cleaner head along with the tangle free turbine tool is perfectly designed to deal with sucking up pet hair (and importantly won’t get tangled) and is just a generally awesome vacuum cleaner (find out more about the specifications, details and information on the DC65 here).

No other vacuum even compares in terms of cleaning up pet hair & the fact that it is bagless has its obvious advantages. If you have any questions or concerns specifically for the DC65 then make them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.