Best Bargain Laptop Computers – Which Brands and What Price?

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The best bargain laptop computers are (and you may be surprised to read this) are … Macs. While Macs won’t be put in a ‘bargain’ category by most people, you need to remember that you get what you pay for. Mac in an aluminum case will last for many years and has truly superior hardware. I will gladly pay about a $1000 dollars for this brand of laptop computers. – Fremont, California

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The best laptop that I have ever bought is the one I am currently using. I have NEVER had any problems with it and it has great memory, never an issue with speed, light weight, and looks good. The laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ57 which I bought for a great price of $298 new. My ultimate laptop if I did not have this one and it was on sale or discount would be the newest Macbook. This is always the best laptop brand worth buying because they offer the best thing possible; no viruses ever! The price is too high for me but if it was offered at $400 I would buy it. – MorganTown, WV

The best bargain laptop computer is without a doubt the Gateway NV57H26u. After the hard-drive on my Sony Vaio crashed two weeks before my last year of college, I had to find something inexpensive that would allow me to do my homework and everything necessary for class. I went into BestBuy, and they recommended I purchase the Gateway. The graphics card isn’t great by any means, but the processor is very fast for a $500 computer (an I-5-2410) and it certainly gets the job done. Also it uniquely has the heat fan vents on the SIDE of the laptop whereas most have them on the bottom. This computer has never overheated on me! If you are looking for something relatively new, reliable, and cheap, this Gateway is the computer you are looking for – Idaho Falls

The best bargains over laptops can be found at online. Normally DELL,HP,LENEVO offer best bargains on different sites at online. For Example,Dell XPS 15Z laptop costs of $1399. if you check out deals provided at online, you will get a descount of cool $400. So that you can get a branded new laptop with 29% discount on the listed price. More over the shipping also will be free for most of the brands. I would like to see the laptops of brands like Lenevo,Dell,HP at a discount price. Even among them, i would prefer DELL mostly.I would pay an extra amount also for an extra warranty. Lenevo,Dell Acer laptops are the worth to buy. – New York

I think that the best laptop computers on the market right now are Lenovo brand. A couple others brands that are worth looking into would be Acer and HP. I think a fair price for a bargain laptop computer would be under $300. This could be offered on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Usually these brands have a good amount of memory, and can be used by students, professionals, as well as gamers and other people who use the computer a lot. As long as these computers have everything programmed in them like Windows 7, they should be a great bargain at under $300. -Richmond, Texas

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Best Bargain Laptop Computers – Which Brands and What Price?, Seekyt
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