Best Bed for You

We spend approximatly 25% of our 24 hour day sleeping. We put a lot of consideration the cell phones we use, the clothes we wear, and the cars we drive, but not nearly as much as we probably should into what we sleep on. Sleep one of our base needs and should be treated as such. If you aren’t getting a good nights sleep then you suffer the whole day.

First of all consider your living arangement.

Are you married or have a partner? If you are, that requires at minimum a full size bed or larger. If not then you could handle a full or smaller, but you don’t have to go that small. Make sure you are both comfortable with the type and size of bed. Niether one of you should suffer for years on a poor bed. There are many choices and there is sure to be one that fits both of your needs.

What are the parameters of the bedroom? If it is a small apartment bedroom that is only 12×12 a king size may not be for you. Think also about loft beds, which save space and offer an area for a desk or even a second bed.

What kind of bed suits your body? Are you comfortable on a firm mattress or a water type? The foam type mattresses are very popular right now and seem to give a lot of people what they are looking for in both support and comfort. The air types often offer a way to vary the firmness on either side of the bed to accomidate you and your partner.

Finally, what can you afford? Beds can range anywhere from: free to several thousand dollars. More often than not you get what you pay for. Sometimes you will have to get by with that $100 bed from a garage sale. Many stores do offer payment plans but be careful you aren’t putting yourself into a situation where you can’t make the payments.

Keep in mind that sleep is one of our key needs and the better our sleep the better we will be prepared for the day.