Best Bladeless Fans 2014

If you are looking to invest in one of the best bladeless fans in 2014 — you have definitely come to the right place. Below, you will find a show guide of some of the top rated ‘bladeless’ fans on the current market (mostly from Dyson given they are by the far the leader when it comes to bladeless fans) — with various types: from a desk fan to a ceiling bladeless fan — so at least one of the models below will serve the exact purpose you are after whether it be for just personal cooling or for use in the bedroom & you may even want it to double up as a heater etc.

Best Bladeless Desk Fan – Dyson AM06

Easily, the ‘ultimate’ no blade table fan is the Dyson AM06. This model is an update to the already very well regarded AM01, but is now capable of operating at decibel levels that are 75% quieter than its predecessor (due to being integrated with a helmholtz cavity to soak up motor noise) as well as being made to be more powerful & energy efficient. In all, every aspect has been improved upon and added to, but the AM)6’s structure still very much takes on the same modern and sleek practical design that the AM01 did with being easy to clean & safe around children. Available as both 10 & 12 inch.

Best Bladeless Ceiling Fan – Exhale Fans

Well in fact exhale fans is the only company at the moment who actually produce ceiling fans that are truly without blades — this doesn’t however mean to say they aren’t decent in anyway, as they are still quality fans, which outperform your traditional bladed ceiling fans in many respects. There is only one version as of yet a contemporary looking 34 inch model that ‘hugs your ceiling, but is available in a range of colors from ‘pretty in pink’ to ‘fire engine red’ and just your plain old ‘cool white’ & ‘ivory’. Still, very ‘cool’ tesla inspired ceiling fans.

Best Bladeless Electric Fan – Dyson AM07

If there is just one fan without blades that I can choose as being the top rated overall cooling appliance the darn right sexy AM07 would definitely be it. At around the $350 mark it is definitely affordable for what it can do. It is whisper quiet and is capable of generating a powerful cooling airflow for ‘whole room cooling’. As you may have noticed, the AM07 is essentially an upgrade to the AM02 whereby they have made it more energy efficient as well as being even more powerful and comes with a magnetic remote control, so you don’t even have to get up from the sofa to change the airflow power or oscillation.

Best No Blade Pedestal Fan – Dyson AM08

Another Dyson Fan? Another fantastic fan without blades. It is clear that Dyson are well and truly leading the way with this technology and the AM08 serves as the perfect machine for those who find it difficult to sleep on a warm summer’s night.

Where it can be too hot to sleep, so when you get a fan, it will cool you down but it so loud when in operation, its motor keeps you up instead. You end up having to choose between two evils. Not so, with the AM08. It is ultra silent yet is powerful enough to keep you refreshingly cool.