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Best Bliss Firefly Outdoor Projector

Planning to decorate your lawn for holiday or festive seasons? Here you will find the Best Bliss Firefly Outdoor Projector for memorizing decoration:

If you haven’t had time to beautify your lawn or garden for a festival or party, an easy way to embellish your garden is to just add an outdoor projector light. This simple addition makes the entire party space and outdoor ideal for a summer party or as decoration during the holiday season. Thanks to the laser light innovation technique which instantly changes your landscape into a nighttime oasis. If you think decorating your yard in lights will need enough power to light an entire neighborhood or put a lot of strain on your light bill, it is really not true. We’ve all seen it, you drive buy a home during Christmas and everything is in lights. While it looks beautiful two things go through your mind, 1)” I hope they have fire insurance for their home” and 2) “I’m glad I’m not getting that light bill.” Now, the best outdoor projectors are designed in a consumer friendly way so that it works with minimal power supply and they won’t break the bank. However, the effect is truly magical and people will think you spent a fortune to decorate your yard in lights.

Other ideas could be an outdoor night birthday or anniversary party. With the Bliss Firefly Outdoor Projector, you can have a magical atmosphere with one projector.

Bliss Firefly Outdoor Projectors are one of the top selling brands as they can be set up easily by simply plugging it in. These amazing outdoor projectors are weather resistant and can be used through-out the year. Make your kid happy and amaze your neighbors and guests with a Bliss Firefly Outdoor Projector. Here is a short list and quick review on the best Bliss Firefly outdoor Projector which will really help you to buy the best outdoor projectors for the money and for your decoration needs.

Green Blisslights Spright Outdoor Holiday Projector w/ Ac Adapter

Green Blisslights Spright Outdoor Holiday Projector w/ Ac Adapter:

Green Blisslights Spright Outdoor Holiday Projector doesn’t need a lot of time to install. It is simple and can be set up within five minutes. This amazing snowflake projector is engineered with laser and holographic technology. Just plug in this projector and point it in the direction where you need light. Once done, you will find pin points of light in your trees, yard and house are decorated with ropes of lights. Sit back and enjoy this lighting decoration without hours of work or energy.

The other good thing about the blislights spright projector is that it consumes less power when compared to standard LED landscape lights. Incandescent light really consumes more power than the Blisslights spright outdoor projectors. No more climbing the roof or trees to decorate your yard. This outdoor projector will decorate your project better than the usual rope lights. You can get the Green Blisslights Spright Outdoor Holiday Projector w/ Ac Adapter at the price of $169.00.

Here’s a review of the Blisslights Spright from a customer who purchased the item: “This has to be the easiest way to decorate outdoors. Simply shove it in the ground, point it toward your house or landscaping, plug it in, and you’re finished!” See more reviews here.

image Green Blisslights Spright Outdoor Holiday Projector w/ Ac Adapter

Price: $169.00

Blue BlissLight Spright Holiday Projector with AC Adapter

Blue BlissLight Spright Holiday Projector with AC Adapter:image

If you prefer blue light decoration as opposed to green light, you can go for Blue BlissLight Spright Holiday Projector. You can also mix the two types of lights for an interesting light show. This amazing outdoor projector covers a large area of 50ft wide and 30ft high. The Spright projector is powerful and can be connected to existing outdoor lighting system or into A/C outlet. The A/C adapter is included along with the projector purchase so that you do not need spend additional money to set up this unit.

For a large landscape, the green bliss light along with the blue bliss light will really make an inviting presentation for your neighbors, family and friends. Blue BlissLight Spright Holiday Projector with AC Adapter is available at a price of $309.00.

imageBlue BlissLight Spright Holiday Projector with AC Adapter

BlissLights Blue Laser Starfield Projector


Lawn Lights Illuminated Outdoor Decoration, LED,

BlissLights Spright


This wonderful Blisslights spright creates thousands of pin points of lights on any surfaces. During the holiday season, you can set up this blisslights spright and align it to the trees and yard or other surfaces. It will really get compliments from your friends and neighbors. You can also use this spright light along the pool side or spectator area during summer parties. You can get the BlissLights Spright for under $170.

Here’s a customer review from someone who purchased this product: “So much fun. We put on an outdoor timer so that it comes no at dusk. Really enhances the backyard and gives an enchanted feeling to the space.” See more Reviews here.

image BlissLights Spright

Price: $169.00

Blisslights Spright Laser Projector

Blisslights Spright Laser Projector

Blisslights Spright Laser Projector is a perfect choice for green laser shows on your lawn or any outdoor area. It covers 25ft wide and 25ft height that will really make the space a sight to see-whether standing on your front lawn taking in the spectacle or those driving by your home. This Blisslights Spright Laser Projector will be center point of attraction and your house will surely stand out from others because it’s amazing decoration. The projector is designed to automatically compensate for voltage drop and it works with 9v to 24v AC and 12v to 32v DC. This wonderful laser projector features microprocessor controller. The energy consumption is less because of its eco-friendly design. This single projector light replaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of rope lights. In this way, it is cost effective too. Blisslights Spright Laser Projector costs 169.00.

image Blisslights Spright Laser Projector

Price: $169.00

BlissLights Spright Green Laser Starfield Landscape Light “Firefly”


BlissLights Spright Green Laser Starfield Landscape Light will really turn your garden into a magical world. At a price of $169.00, this green laser landscape light from Blisslights is enough to decorate your gazebo. This spectacular outdoor projector covers a 25 square foot area. Once connected, the landscape light projects a static starfield of light on any surface. During summer, you can use BlissLights Spright Green Laser Starfield Landscape Light as ‘fireflies’ on your trees and garden.

Let’s see a customer’s opinion on this landscape light: “Our yard looks magical with the Bliss Light. I can’t tell you how many people ask us how we got the lights up in the trees!” See more reviews here.

image BlissLights Spright Green Laser Starfield Landscape Light

List Price: $434.99
Price: $169.00
You Save: $265.99 (61%)

BlissLights Handheld Laser Starfield Projector

BlissLights Handheld Laser Starfield Projector:
If you don’t wish to spend more on decorative lights, you can opt for BlissLights Handheld Laser Starfield Projector. At a price under $60, this handheld wand always adds fun and new dimensions to your party and backyard. You can spin or shake to create a a blissful atmosphere. BlissLights Handheld Laser Starfield Projector is portable and battery operated. This laser wand is a perfect birthday gift for your child. See more reviews here.

image BlissLights Handheld Laser Starfield Projector

List Price: $149.99
Price: $59.95
You Save: $90.04 (60%)

You can consider buying one of the above Bliss firefly outdoor projectors; they are not only the best; they are Amazon’s top rated Blisslight outdoor projectors which means these projectors have received more positive comments from the buyers. These projectors will really makes the party space or outdoor amazingly beautiful, fun and brings that ‘wow’ factor to your outdoor space within minutes.

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